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Can syrain hamsters fit in drawf hamster cages?


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oh no, no they can't they are one of the biggest of the hamster breeds.


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yes ,, but dontry it for drawf hamsters

i have two female dwarf hamster's together they get on just fine. NEVER put two males together as they will fight, and give each other horrible injuries as being a vet i have witnessed. You can put a female & male together but they may breed and make baby hamsters or dwarf hamsters. always KEEP SYRAIN HAMSTERS ALONE with NO other hamster in there cage only keep drawf hamster's in pairs or groups.

You can find a dwarf hamster at a pet store.

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yes drawf hamsters can be in the same cage only if breeding you must keep boys and girls seprate

syrian about 3 years drawf ones a bit shorter (1-2 years)

you can tell a female hamster is pregnant by seeing if the hammy is fat around the belly and put the hammie's belly up to your hammie's tummy is moving.

NO! they will fight and end up hurting each other. If it is a boy hamster and the other is a girl it might be ok but it will be safer to buy another cage.

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