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Antibiotics can give some women yeast infections. You should see a doctor or try a treatment for yeast infections you can get at the store. The symptoms you gave are signs of a yeast infection. On a side note, antibiotics can lower the effectiveness of the pill, so if you are sexually active, use a back up method.

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Q: Can taking antibiotics with birth control have strange side effects such as sticky discharge and burning of ones vagina?
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What are the common side effects of topical antibiotics?

The most common minor side effects are itching or burning.

What side effects do topical antibiotics have?

The most common minor side effects are itching or burning. These problems usually do not require medical treatment unless they do not go away or they interfere with normal activities.

Will birth control work if you take muscinex?

yes generally speaking the only thing that effects the protection your birth control offers is antibiotics and not even all antibiotics. the medicines that effect birth control now have warnings printed on the side of the bottle. mucinex is fine to take

How does chlamydia affect females?

Effects chlamydia have on females are: 1) abnormal vaginal discharge, 2) burning when urinating, 3) burning and / or bleeding in the anus when defecating. If not treated, it can lead to ectopic pregnancy and PID.

Can you take acidophilus with antibiotics?

yes! of course....! it is in fact recommended to take acidophilus, when taking antibiotics, in order to balance the effects of the "bad bacteria" (antibiotics) with the "good bacteria" (acidophilus), and to help avoid unpleasant side effects that antibiotics can have.

Does amoxicillin give you dry peeling burning skin?

Amoxcilin is an antibiotic...antibiotics can cause side effects, but it could be something else... its hard to be sure untill you see a doctor.

How can you reduce the harmful effects of burning?

By not burning any thing

What are the effects of antibiotics on disease-causing bacteria?

Certain types of antibiotics will kill certain types of bacteria.

What are the effects of sunbathing?

sun burning

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Can antibiotics exhibit side effects four days after completing the course?

Unfortunately antibiotics can and do exhibit side effects four days after completing the course. I never start antibiotics without taking acidophilus and eating lots of yogurt.

Is it safe to take cocaine with antibiotics?

Is it safe to take antibiotics and cocaine? I heard cocaine wipes out the effects of the antibiotic.

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