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Birth Control increases your chances of not getting pregnant

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Are you more likely to have a miscarriage after birth control?

No, there is no increased rate of miscarriage for women who are pregnant while taking birth control or who get pregnant after stopping birth control.

How long after you stop taking birth control do the symptoms last?

Birth control remains in your system for 3 months. You can continue to have symptoms during this time.

What are symptoms of pregnancy when you are on the birth control pill?

The same as when your not on birth control pill. Birth control can cause pregnancy symptoms when you've recently started taking it within the last 3 months.

Could stopping the birth control pill cause pregnancy symptoms?

If you're not taking the pill, it's always possible to get pregnant, fake symptoms or not.

Does herpes go away?

No. Once you have herpes you will have it for life. You can control symptoms and shedding by taking an anti viral such as Valtrex.

What are the symptoms of stopping the pill after finding out you are 6 weeks pregnant?

Little to none. Many women are taking birth control when they find out they are pregnant and then stop taking it.

Can four birth control pills make you have a miscarriage?

Once a pregnancy is established, no. The pills can only prevent pregnancy ( though they are not 100% effective) if given the time to saturate your bloodstream and taken daily to prevent pregnancy. Taking the pills, if you haven't been taking them to prevent pregnancy, will not cause a miscarriage. I suggest going to a doctor.

If your taking birth control and your pregnan t any symptoms?

I'm not sure what symptoms you might have if you're pregnant and taking birth control pills. But for the sake of your unborn child, I'd stop taking the drug! Of course, you're not sure if you're pregnant, but I think the risk just isn't worth it. Stop taking the toxic drug for the sake of your body and the body of your developing baby. Take care.

I have all the symptoms for pregnancy but i changed my birth control pill 3 weeks ago. Are these symptoms still from changing my pill or could i be pregnant?

if you have had unprotected sex recently even if you are on birth control you could be pregnant. i suggest taking a pregnancy test :)

What are be the symptoms of pregnancy while on birth control if your girlfriend recently started birth control and she is experiencing sore breasts and frequent cramps day after day for 4 days?

Birth control GIVES you pregnancy symptoms. If she thinks she is pregnant she shouldn't be taking birth control any more and should see her doctor to find out.because birth control doesn't help if you are pregnet.

You stopped taking Effexor xr 4 days ago how long do withdrawal symptoms last?

how long does the effexor withdrawl symptoms disappear after you stop taking it, i am taking zoloft now but i am having effexor symptoms

Does drinking a hot coke and taking two aspirins make you have a miscarriage?

not really though aspirin 'thins' blood if in adequate amounts. ** NO. This will not cause a miscarriage.

Am on birth control no symptoms of pregnancy and neg pregnancy tests?

This is what you would expect to occur; but there are slight chances to become pregnant even when taking the pill.

Can birth control pills stop you from being pregnant even though your pregnant?

If you mean that could you miscarry by taking birth control pills now that you are pregnant, no, they will not cause a miscarriage, but they could make you just plain sick, which would not be good for you nor the baby

What is the population of Taking Control of your Diabetes?

The population of Taking Control of your Diabetes is 80.

What happens whether you stop taking birth control?

Birth control should be stopped after consulting with your doctor and typically after finishing your "blanks". Birth control has a number of hormones, which, when stopped suddenly, can cause spotting or even heavy bleeding, cramps, acne, emotional changes or other period symptoms. Additionally, no longer taking birth control will increase the likelihood of pregnancy.

How do you say taking over in spanish?

tomando el control (taking control) or tomando cargo (taking charge)

Why is your period lasting 3 weeks?

There are a few reasons for this. All of which you should speak to your Doctor about.Recently stopped/started taking birth control pills or alternative contraceptionIrregular periodsHormonal imbalanceMiscarriage

What are the chances of being pregnant while not taking your birth control pills and having pregnancy symptoms?

IF you were having unprotected sex during the time you was not taking your birth contol pills it could be a possibilty you may have got pregnant during that time. Do you now when you have you next period and also how long was you not taking your birth control pills all this will make a difference if your pregnant or not.

How is toxoplasmosis treated in healthy people?

Most individuals who contract toxoplasmosis do not require treatment because their immune systems are able to control the disease. Symptoms are not usually present. Mild symptoms may be relieved by taking over-the-counter medications

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