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It depends on the quality of the drug test. If it is a home test like the ones they sell over the counter then no, that is highly unlikely. If it is a test done by a government lab (like the ones a court ordered tests would go to) then yes. They have gotten those tests to show even the faintest traces of substances.

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Q: Can taking mouth to mouth smoke from marijuana two times show up on a drug test after 3 days?
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How much tar is in marijuana cigarettes?

Like tobacco smoke, marijuana smoke contains cancer-causing chemicals. There are 33 cancer-causing chemicals contained in marijuana. Marijuana smoke also deposits tar into the lungs. In fact, when equal amounts of marijuana and tobacco are smoked, marijuana deposits four times as much tar into the lungs. This is because marijuana joints are un-filtered and often more deeply inhaled than cigarettes.Although it may be true that marijuana smoke deposits more tar into the lungs than tobacco smoke, current evidence does not indicate that the former results in proportionally greater deleterious health affects.

What happens when you mix marijuana with speed?

i've done this lots of times i smoke weed before i take speed and the speed ends up taking over the effects of the weed, if your high on speed its pointless tryin to smoke weed the smoke wont have any effect at all

Can you smoke nor co with weed?

You can smoke anything with weed, but that doesn't mean you should do it. Marijuana in itself has a big enough effect to where you shouldn't need anything else. I personally have my medical marijuana card and I would not mix any pills at all with my marijuana. If you must for some unknown reason take a pain killer, take it by mouth or parachute it and then smoke. My suggestion is to smoke better weed and if thats not enough get some hash or use larger doses. Most of the pain killers out there are far worse for you than marijuana and many times more addicting. My 2 cents.

How long does the marijuana stay in urine?

If you only smoke a few times a month, 30 days after last consumption. If you smoke multiple times a week, up to 90 days.

How long do marijuana THC stay in your urine if you smoke 3 to 4 times a day?

This will depend on when you stop smoking the marijuana. If you continue to smoke every single day, the THC will remain in your urine until you stop smoking.

MY brother smoked weed around me but I didn't is that in my system?

Second hand marijuana smoke is 30 times as potent as being exposed to the initial dose of smoke.

How many times can you smoke marijuana without getting a mental illness?

It all depends on the person - some can smoke it once and react badly to it, and it can trigger a mental illness. this is rare but it can happen, as anything can be a trigger for an already undergoing mental illness to manifest. Some can smoke it all their lives and be totally fine, even though they smoked marijuana 667878 times ;)

What is marijuana addiction and what are the signs?

Marijuana addiction is more just a mental addiction, it is not psychically addicting. The signs are just the obsessive need to smoke several times a day everyday

How many times can you smoke marijuana before you die?

Once. Then you walk into the street because you are out of it and get hit by a car and die. Oops.

Does marijuana effect the lungs similar to cigarettes?

No it dont it makes you feel amazing and thn you smoke a menthol right after and it maks your buzz ten times better!SMOKE POT

How often do people use marijuana?

As often as they want. Some people, like myself, smoke multiple times a day where as others may only smoke monthly or less.

If you smoke marijuana three times a week how long will it take to get out of your system?

In the short term; It will stay detectable in hair and nails for months, In the long term; with consistent use, especially as often as three times a week, you can expect metal health problems and possibly lung, throat or mouth cancer.

Can you smoke marijuana while on oxycodone 5 times daily 30mg and methadone 3 times daily 20mg?

YES, you most certainly can! Marijuana is safe to smoke with any type of other drug or whatever in your body... Marijuana is not harmful whatsoever, so you'll be perfectly fine, but just really... really... HIGH! So toke away. And, if you get bored smoking on that sweet chron-dizzle, you can always smoke some of that oxycodone that you do! Simple and easy. Hope this helped out...

Can you fail a drug test from second hand smoking marijuana?

No. Unless someone directly blows it into your mouth several times.

How long do you stay high on marijuana?

It depends on a lot of factors; quality of the marijuana, number of times you have used marijuana (a veteran smoker doesn't stay as high as long). My first time smoking marijuana I smoke some high grade stuff and was high for over 3 hours.

How much hash would you have to smoke to overdose?

Well, to overdose on marijuana, you would have to smoke about 30,000 joints in a row (see the Related Link below, "What is the 'lethal' dose of marijuana?". Hashish is concentrated THC (the active ingredient in marijuana). Actually, it is made from marijuana. Hash/hashish contains about two to three times as much THC as marijuana. So, you would have to smoke about 10,000 to 15,000 hash joints, in order to overdose. But people usually do not smoke hash in a joint. Usually, hash is smoked from a pipe or a bowl or a bong. So, if we say that approximately 2 bowls equals 1 joint, then you would have to smoke 20,000 to 30,000 bowls of hash in one sitting, in order to overdose. Note that even if you managed to overdose on marijuana or hash, you most likely would not die. See the Related Link below (" - Symptoms of Marijuana Overdose").

How many people have died from heart Attack caused by marijuana?

Less than zero That's a stupid answer a least one person has to have died from a heart attack cause by marijuana. Marijuana causes the heart to beat 40 time faster than a person who doesn't smoke marijuana. It makes them 5 times at risk of a heart attack ( 1 in 1,000 people) then people who don't smoke.

If you smoke marijuana then eating will you lose weight taking Trimspa Ultra three times a day?

If you smoke marijuana everyday then you really shouldn't be getting the munchies but if you are and can't quit you just gotta not eat during your munchies. That trimspa Ultra crap won't help you lose weight, just toughen up and work out in the day and smoke at night. Tons of people do it you just have to pick and choose carefully when you'll fulfill your munchies cause if you do it every day you'll look like Chris Farley.

Can you smoke marijuana at bob marleys grave?

Yes you can get blasted on his grave and nobody will say anything i've done it a couple of times myself.....

What is the strongest marijuana to smoke?

Depends Marijuana is different quality at different times of the year. It really all depends on where you live. California has "Cali Kush" and "Cali Dro." Florida has "White widow." So it all depends.

Can you smoke marijuana after surgery?

If you are in a critical condition, never, the bones in your body might be still mending, which can provide a serious perhaps fatal if smoking 2-3 times a day. (I do not smoke myself and i never would)

Can you smoke marijuana while on prescribed oxycodone 30Mg 5 times a day and methadone 3 times a day 20 Mg?

AnswerAbsolutely, smoking marijuana would not interfere with either one of the medications you are taking. Neither will it cause any extra harm to your body due to the combination of the drugs.AnswerThat is correct. In fact, I do not know of any medications/drugs that are dangerous to take with marijuana. Marijuana is neither a stimulant nor a depressant; it is a mild hallucinogen, and therefore it does not affect the heart or central nervous system the way other drugs (like cocaine, heroin, oxycodone, speed, Ecstasy, Xanax, etc. do).

How much marijuana does a smoker smoke?

It all depends on the smoker. Some smoke occasionally, like once a month or a few times a year, while other people smoke 6 joints a day, or even more than that sometimes. I smoke about 7 ounces a month. I kept track this month.

What does christofer ingle smoke?

sadly; yes. he has been smoking since he was 14. he has had his times for smoking marijuana, at the begging of Never Shout Never but he regrets it and stoped.

How many times should you smoke marijuana a week so you dont get depressed or is it possible to smoke weed regular as in over a 6 months or years or 2 years time even if its only liek 3 times a week?

you can smoke as much as u want, it wont harm you, just dont do it before or during school/work