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no it cant

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How do you connect your version 3 tamagotchi to tamagotchi town?

You go on to tamatown and type in your username that you have on your tamagotchi

Which button do you press for your tamagotchi to go to school?

First go to the haert and click on WORK and when the word AWAY comes press the middle nad wait a little then your tamagotchi should be in school!!!

What do we do if the tamagotchi don't want to go to work?

Your Tamagotchi probably won't go to work or school, because it isn't signed up. Wait for your special occasion mail to get a job! Earn skill points by playing games!

Tamagotchi version 3 when does a child sleep?

A child on Version 3 will go to sleep at 8:00pm

How do you make a tamagotchi version 3 go on holiday?

buy a plane ticket..... ^^,

When does tamagotchi version 7 comes out?

It already came out. It's the Tama-Go

What do you do if there is a suitcase next to your tamagotchi?

the want to go to work

How do you get money on tamagotchi?

You can get money on tamagotchi by playing games. Otherwise, if you have a computer and a tamagotchi version 4, 4.5, 5 or 6 you can go on TAMAGOTCHI TOWN on the Internet, put the password, play games and earn money and log off.

How Do You Enter Passwords On Version 5 or V5 Tamagotchi?

look for the heart in your tamagotchi and go there if you see special click it and put the passwords in.i hope it works

How do you make sure which tamagotchi version you are on?

Version or Generation? To check version, with is what actual tamagotchi you have go to google images and type "tamagotchi v(3, 4, 4.5, 5, 6 Etc) To check what generation, which is how many generations of tamababies you have go to the first category (the little scale) and click until you see the page that says "GEN." it will say 1G, 2G, and so on.

Where do you go for the PC on your tamagotchi?

if it is a version 4 or 5, you go to the love heart icon and press pc-as simple as that!!!

How do you get money on tamagotchi Version 5?

if you are stupid enough to read this, then to make money, you have to play games, of go to, and get a money cheat code. they work all the time.

Passwors for tamagotchi version 5?

Go to: and you will find almost all of your answers there!

Why did your tamagotchi version 4 go back 1 year when you changed your battery?

It might be a glitch.

How do you go to preschool in 4.5 tamagotchi?

To go to pre school you have to become a todler and get a [!] in the mail and you will get exepted into pre school. Hoped this helped

How come your tamagotchi wont go to work and she is 3?

you need to get a shell to go to work. it usually comes in a gift/envelope.

How do you connect a version5 tamagotchi to a version 6 tamagotchi music star?

If you have a V5 then you have to go to the heart icon and press others you do the same thing with the V6 or Music Star Hope this helped!!!!:)

How can you get every single tamagotchi?

easy. you buy em all. if you can't find any, try toy shops such as Toys R Us, and Walmart. If you cannot find all of the versions, then go onto or some of those other product selling sites. Type in the version you want. For example, if I wanted a version 2 tamagotchi, I would type in: Tamagotchi Version Two. Or you can type in V, or Ver. instead of Version.

What do you do in tamagotchi?

A Tamagotchi is just like a pet, it can be fed and played wth. You can connect it to other tamagotchis and they can fall in love. If they do you can start a generation of tamagotchis!! They go to primary school, junior school and can even get a job!!

How do you go to work on a tamagotchi v4.5?

There is a button that has a heart on it and it should say work. There is a button that has a heart on it and it should say work.

How do you connect a tamagotchi version three to a computer?

You have a V3! Congrats! They`re getting really rare nowadays, at least if they`re brand new. V3 was the first Tamagotchi to go online. They still can! Go to Tamagotchi and log on with username (the name which is listed in the Tamagotchi alongside hungry/happy-facts, training info, life points, name, age and weight) - no password! Passwords came with version 4. Choose the type of Tamagotchi Town that`s compatible for the version you have. You cannot, for instance, take your V3 to the Town created for the new V5 Tamas. But there`s lots to do even for old Tamagotchis like the V3. Have fun.

How do you make a tamagotchi music star go online?

go on to tamagotchhi town and hit log in as tamagotchi then go into pc on the tamagotchi and it will give you a log in code type in the code to the computer and your tamagotchi will be on the screen.

When does tamagotchi v4 go to school?

Usually when it just turns into a teenager. But it takes a few hours!

Codes for version 5 tamagotchi?

go to: and click on the codes section. scroll down to the v5 section

How do you get the secret characters in tamagotchi v6?

First, go on and click on music city. Then make a CD at tamagotchi school. Then get it up the 4th gold (caution- this takes a lot of hard work) and trade it in for a girl/boy destiny star. Send it to your tamagotchi and once it grows to an adult, it with sort of "eat" the star and become a special character.