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That's usually the idea - most homework is designed to be finished in one night.

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Q: Can teachers give homework for the next day?
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Do teachers give too much homework?

in my opinion i think teachers give way to much homework for a student to handle. There also comes a time when i think that teachers do this to students to prepare for the future at hand. Also, i play softball so i think that they should give students less homework in one day and give it another day.

What happens when teachers give out homework?

The teacher first has to plan what homework to give -- it has to help you learn whatever lesson you had that day. Then, the teacher has to decide how much homework is fair. Then, the teacher has to grade every single piece of homework from every kid in every class they teach!

Why do teachers have to give us homework if we spend like 8 hours of day at school?

They don't want to give us homework but the school said so and they don't want to get fire,so they kinda care.

What are the duties and resposibility's of teachers in society in present day context?

To teach and make sure that students understand the ciriculum. and to give out homework

Does homework teach academic skills?

Homework teach academic skills. How? Well you go to school to learn so the teachers are teaching you academic skills. Homework is really good because after you finish class and the homework is about the lesson you just heard, you are studing again and making sure you understand the lesson. Some teachers go over the homework the next day but some teacher tell their students to turn in their homework. Well I think cheking the homework it would be the best because you can review and see if you did some probles wrong.

How much homework has a teacher given?

My math teacher gives homework every single day of the year My L.A, social studies and science teachers only give homework if work isn't finished in class My spanish teacher gives about one assignment a week My Larin teacher gives lots of homework.

How much homework is a teacher allowed to give you?

none they believe homework cuts into students study time

What can you do when you forget your homework and there are no copies?

Talk to your teacher at the beginning of the day and ask if you can bring it in the next day.

What is the point of spring break homework?

Some teachers need to cover the material, and there would be one less day to cover the criteria if you didn't have homework over spring break. Other teachers assign it to keep kids busy and out of trouble.

How much homework can be given a day?

It depends on the teachers. You might have homework from every one of your classes, plus a special project or report you have put off until the last minute which would be even more homework for you.

What is a study buddy?

someone who helps you study for homework or for a test for the next day.

Why there is homework every day?

Teachers have a lesson plan that they have to follow and they don't have enough time to teach us all the things and cover them as many times as needed, so they just give it too u to do at home