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Yes, it is possible. However, it is one of the most wrong things that can happen to you. The important thing is keeping things under YOUR control... you may like it but there's no use in exaggerating! If you're going to school, it can really distract you and put you off track. If you get pregnant, you will have to drop out of school. dont have sex as a teen and you wont get addicted

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How people become sexual addicted?

People become addicted to sex if they have too much of it or if they have too little they seek for it until they become addicted. Try having sex maybe once or twice a week.

How do teen girls get so sex crazed?


What are the reasons for teenage pregnancies nowadays?

well teen boys have sex with teen girls

Is Nicki minaj addicted to sex?

yes Nicki minaj is adicted to sex. she loves the the and girls titties

Where can you find a teen girls website for sex?

The police station.

What teen girls mostly likes during sex?

Tenderness and titillation.

GIRLS I am 17 almost 18 and I am wondering if any of you girls the same age are addicted to sex I think I might be What are your thoughts and what do you do about it?

I am not a girl, but I had a girlfriend who was addicted to sex. Just try to make sure you are having safe sex by using protection. Most importantly, choose your partners wisely. Also make sure you do not expect your partner to want to have sex every time you do.

What are some reasons on teen pregnancy?

* pregnant celeberties * show and movies on teen pregnancies * other girls with children * to keep a guy * to get attention * SEX!

Why the girls pregnant?

girls become pregnant by having sex with another man. girls should only become pregnant when you are married and are fully devoted to your spouse.

What happened with virgin girls?

The sign of the times, It's a much faster world with all the technology, Face book, tweeting, etc., sex teen movies excellerates teen sex, and it's cooler now a days among peers if you've had sex.

What is a nhymphomaniac?

Someone who is addicted to sex, or desires sex constantly.

How can a teen prevent teen pregnancy?

1. don't have sex. 2. use a condom. 3. use birth control 4. become a lesbian.

Is it possible to become addicted to giving head?

Not addicted like to drugs, but we all find something that we enjoy doing more than others when it comes to sex. If it is what you like and it is not interfering with the rest of your life, there is no problem.

Why is it not good to watch Mean Girls?

It is not good to watch Mean Girls because it has a lot of bad references to young girls. For example, like teen drinking, drug references, sensuality, and sex.

What should you do if you are addicted to sex?

Contact a therapist.

What is Nymphomanics?

A Nymphomaniac is someone who is addicted to sex.

Are some women addicted to sex?


Is trey songz addicted to sex?

no trey only like to have sex with mizan

Should young teen and preteen girls wear adult clothing such as stockings and garters?

No way! They are too young for this kind of sex appeal. This is a form of advertising their bodies. Do not let your teen girls wear garters or other adult clothing items!

How can you get off being addicted to sex?

Go to therapi.

Why are the Japanese addicted to sex?

Maybe its a cultural thing?

What is a good site for young teen and preteen girls?

Ever want to talk to over teen girls about things like boys, puberty, sex, or school? Don't feel comfortable talking to your mom or friends? Well check out this site. Specifically for teen and preteen girls looking for help on growing up or just wanting to make some new friends.

How did teen pregnancy start?

a teen couple had sex without protection

What should teens not do?

Teens should not do drugs to forget about problems. They should talk about their problems with someone they trust. Also teen girls should not have sex with out thinking about their future. If a teen decides to have sex and gets pregnet she and the father should take responsibility to take care of the baby. Their are many things teens shouldn't do but the most important one in my opinon is that teens shouldn't drink and drive because it can injure or kill not only the teen but also many other people. Y is it always girls shouldn't have sex why not guys to?

Why girls lick pussy before sex?

So that is can become wet and intercourse could be smooth.This makes them horny too.Giving the urge of sex.