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No, they can't.

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โˆ™ 2011-02-03 06:31:03
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Q: Can teens that have ADHD get prescribed to medical marijuana?
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Does South Carolina perscribe medical marijuana too teens with adhd?

No. Only cancer.

Do people with ADHD qualify for medical marijuana?

Yes, in several cases doctors in North America have prescribed medical marijuana for ADHD. This is not mainstream advice and has not been proven clinically effective.

Can teens with ADHD be prescribed a 215 card?


Can you get your medical marijuana card for having ADHD?

In order to qualify for a medical marijuana card you need to have a chronic or debilitating condition. ADHD is a chronic condition. DJ MATUBO, You are an idiot.

How does marijuana affect ADHD?

The effects of marijuana in the ADHD population has not been fulled studied or determined. However, other clinical studies provide evidence that marijuana increases memory-related loss which could worsen existing ADHD symptoms. On the contrary, in some cases doctors have prescribed marijuana (where legal) for ADHD.

Can you get medical weed if you have ADHD?

No, marijuana for medical purposes is only for the reduction of symptoms from cancer treatments.

What do teens struggle with when they have ADHD?

what do teens with ADHD struggle with

Would a DR prescribe medical marijuana to ADHD adults?

Marijuana cannot be prescribed anywhere in the United State as prescribing a level one narcotic will cause them to lose their license. Level one narcotics are show to have no medicinal value.

Is marijuana a treatment for ADHD?

There is a little evidence suggesting medical marijuana might help ADHD, but it is still considered far outside the realm of mainstream behavior/stimulant treatment.

Does the Medical Marijuana Exchange support legalizing marijuana for medical use?

Medical Marijuana Exchange is the only medical community to support and promote the medical benefits of merijuana and cannabis against diseases such as ADD and ADHD, Fibromyalgia, Endocrine Disorders, etc.

Does ADHD affect teens?

ADHD can affect anyone

How does marijuana affect people with ADHD?

better effects than any doctor prescribed medication with close to 0 side effects

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