Can the California franchise tax board levy on out of state property or bank account?

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Yes, but the FTB would need to go through a judicial process designed to gain the target state's bank. If it were a bank in, say Nevada, and it was a Nevada corporate account, that would take quite a while for the FTB if they could do it at all.

Added: If the bank in question was a branch of a bank operating in CA the court could serve the lien papers on the bank's registered agent in the state of California.
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If your bank account was mistakenly levied for not filing tax papers properly and now there is a judgment on your account how do you remove it?

Answer . \nYou need to get a copy that ALL TAXES have been paid from the IRS or if in Canada, Revenue Canada and take a copy of this document for the banking institution (but take in the original as well) to the banking institution and show them the proof. Sit there until they have completely ab ( Full Answer )

Can a judgment creditor levy a bank account if there is already a tax lien on the debtor's property?

Answer . \nYes.\n. \nThe law in all US states does not allow multiple judgment actions by a single creditor but it does allow consecutive acts of judgment by multiple judgment creditors.\n. \nFor example a wage garnishment or bank account levy is possible by one creditor, seizure and sale of n ( Full Answer )

Will you get a notice before your bank account is levied?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nProbably not. The idea is to get to the account while you have money in it. If they give you notice you'll just transfer the money out.\n. \n . \n . \nMost banks will notify the account holder(s) after the action.\n. \nOn joint accounts where only on holder is the jud ( Full Answer )

In Texas can a creditor judgment for an unpaid phone bill be enforced as a wage or tax refund garnishment or a bank account levy?

Executing a Creditor Judgment . A judgment creditor can levy a bank account even if it is joint.\n. \nA judgment creditor can only garnish income if there is no other way to recover monies owed.\n. \nA judgment creditor can place a lien against real property but cannot perfect the lien as a for ( Full Answer )

Can you get your money back from a bank account levy when it is a joint account?

Answer . \nIf you are the not named on the judgment levy, you must file a petition with the court where the judgment was granted to have the confiscated funds belonging to you returned.\nThe court will require proof of what portion of the funds in the account were yours. If the account was held ( Full Answer )

What is a bank account levy?

Answer . \nA bank account levy is one method for a judgment creditor to recover monies owed for a debt.\n. \nThe judgment holder files the writ of judgment with the clerk of the court where the judgment was entered against the judgment debtor as bank account levy. I\n. \nIf the judgment is al ( Full Answer )

Can a bank account be levied?

Answer . If you owe the money, and the lender goes thru all the channels to collect, then yes a bank account can be levied.

Can a collection company levy your bank account?

First of all...I'm not sure why you would think they couldn't? You apparently understand there is a process called Levy that can be done against your account. Whom do you think that process is expected to be used by...and to do what? Maybe collect a debt? And they are an agency doing what...collecti ( Full Answer )

Can the IRS levy bank accounts in Delaware?

Of course.. Why would you possibly even question that the Federal government couldn't do something anywhere in the country? Especially something anyone can do?. The IRS can levy a bank account anywhere within the US.

How often can a creditor levy your bank account in California?

Your bank account can be levied as often as the creditor would like, so long as the sum of all the levies is equal to or less than the judgment. Please keep in mind they can use the levying officer, which charges a lower fee, or a process server. Each time they levy the account, the processing fees ( Full Answer )

Can student loans levy bank accounts?

Any creditor can levy your bank account if you default on the credit agreement and they go through the right legal motions. Student loans do not have any special privileges in this area, unlike with wages and tax refunds.

Will I be notified of a bank levy placed on my account?

That depends upon the laws of the state where you reside or where the bank account is. Normally, when a levy is placed on a bank account, the account is frozen and the account owner is given a certain amount of time to go to court to prove that the levy should not have been placed on the account. Th ( Full Answer )

How does a lien or levy on bank account work?

A levy or lien is placed on someone's property or bank account by acreditor. When a levy is placed on an account the amount the levyis for is taken out of the bank account.

Can the California franchise tax board levy state disability checks?

Let me rephrase your question so that you can be sure my answer actually addresses what you want to know: "Must I pay taxes in the State of California on disability claim checks I receive from the California State Disability Insurance (CA SDI) program?" In reference to CA SDI claim checks, no the ( Full Answer )

How can you avoid a bank account levy?

If you have been notified that your bank account is going to belevied, the only way to avoid that is to either close the accountor take your name off the account. You can also keep the accountopen and just never put any money into that account.

How do you resolve a bank account levy with the IRS?

You pay the underlying assessment. If they already went to levy an account, you may even be past the time you can protest. If you ignore them long enough...THEY DO NOT go away! ------- In my case, I didnt. They took all the money out of 2 of my accounts. I contacted them and am working to file m ( Full Answer )

What type of property is a property tax levied on?

Real also known as direct tax --- Property taxes in most states in the United States are levied on real property (land and improvements to land, like structures) and personal property (non-real estate, like business equipment or automobiles). Certain types of property, or the owners of such prope ( Full Answer )

Will the IRS levy my mother's bank account for my taxes if my name is on the account for inheretence purposes?

It sounds like your mother has an account with an "in trust for" phrase on the name of the account. She intends for you to inherit the money without that money having to go through the probate court. At least that is how it works in this particular state. Normally, the IRS does not touch that type o ( Full Answer )

In Colorado who can levy bank account?

In Colorado it is possible for a debt collector to levy a bankaccount. It is necessary for the approval from a court in order fora debt collector to place a levy on the bank account.

How do you release bank levy from your account?

Type your answer here... how long will it take for my bank to lift the lien they have on my bank account: First, a tax lien is different from a tax levy. Generally, a bank levy is not released until: . your tax debts is paid in full . you settle a payment plan for your tax debt . you can ( Full Answer )

Can the state of New York put a lien on bank accounts and on your property in Florida where you currently live alleging that you owe state income tax for the year 1976?

Any question that starts out, "Can a government..." and involves the word "tax", well, the answer is always "Yes." The only way they cannot is if you prove that you do not owe that tax. Yes, yes, I know, you are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, and you never had a he ( Full Answer )

You are in Missouri your wifes bank account has been levied your state refund and federal refund went in during the levy you know they will get some of the money but the tax returns are in both names.?

So I assume, that your saying that you filed a joint tax return and the refund hit your wife's individual account. Could be a tricky one, for starters you will need to file a motion with the courts to challenge the levy and explain your story, and you have a "chance" to get your money released from ( Full Answer )

What percentage of a bank account can be levied?

In most instances the entire amount of the account is subject to levy. The exception is if the account is jointly held and only one of the account holders is the judgment debtor.

What happens if a bank account is levied but there are no funds in the account?

if there are no funds in the account they cant take anything. i know because i had the same problem. you actually have some rights when it comes to levies on your account. if you receive any form of government assistance or disability they cant touch it. you also have a 10 day grace period from the ( Full Answer )

Can a creditor levy a joint bank account?

Yes, if the creditor has first obtained a judgment against one of the joint owners. However, the creditor cannot take the money in the account without a court order. In order to get the court order, he has to give notice of the levy to both persons who then have the right to object to the turn-over ( Full Answer )

How many times can a bank account be levied?

In general a bank account is subject to judgment levy every 30 days until the debt is paid. The judgment creditor must renew/refile the bank levy each time before it can be implemented. A bank account levy can allow the judgment holder to remove the total amount owed at one time. If the account bala ( Full Answer )

Can a creditor levy your bank account and how?

A creditor can only levy your bank account by getting a judgment against you. To do that, they must sue you. And they must win in court. If you are sued by a creditor, be sure to show up for court to prevent this from happening.

What tax is levied by all states?

I do not believe that states all have the same taxes since they each have the power to determine which taxes they will have at the state level, on top of those at the federal level too.

How do you know if a levy was placed on your bank account?

The bank should notify the account holder that the account has been levied by a judgment holder. Also, the account holder/judgment debtor should have received a final notice of judgment citing the action the judgment creditor is taking.

Bank levy on a joint account?

A judgment creditor might be able to levy against a joint account where only one account holder is the debtor. It really depends how the bank account is held and the state laws pertaining to such. One example, joint marital bank accounts held in community property states are subject to levy even if ( Full Answer )

Can the California franchise tax board collect on taxes from 1989 when I'm now living in florida and receiving a bill now in 2012?

I think they can. You could live on the moon and they would get taxes from you. Did you earn the income in CA and not file your taxes because you were in Florida ? If you did that I think they can collect the taxes. Check with a tax attorney that knows CA taxes. Usually, they only go back 5 years an ( Full Answer )

Will the IRS levy my daughter's bank account for my back taxes if my name is on the account?

Joint accounts which are not held as TBE (a manner only available to married couples in certain states) are subject to levy by the IRS and other creditors.. The non debtor account holder must provide the court and levying agency proof of the percentage of funds belonging to them. In most instances ( Full Answer )

Who can issue a tax levy against property?

The IRS can issue a tax levy against property. A tax levy against a property is to claim back any tax owed to the IRS. The money made from the property will go towards the debt owed.

What can one find on the California franchise tax board website?

The California Franchise Tax Board website contains information relating to personal and corporate income tax in California. It offers filing information, tax rates, the ability to pay online, tax calculators and the ability to download various tax forms.

Why would the IRS levy a bank account?

The IRS would levy a bank account if the bank account holder had not paid his or her taxes. However, the IRS wouldn't do this unless they had exhausted all other means to collect. They would first send the taxpayer a notice that taxes had been assessed and demand payment. It the taxpayer ignored ( Full Answer )

What are the typical franchise tax fees in California?

A franchise tax is a government tax charged byindividual U.S. states to corporations, limited liability companiesand partnerships that have nexus in the state. The franchise feesare based on the net worth or capital held by the entity. Inessence, the franchise tax charges corporations for the privil ( Full Answer )