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Can the Chromebook run Flash?


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Yes, the Chromebook can or should be able to run Flash (and HTML5) content. If you're talking about Flash drives, it can read most of those too.


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You cannot run any PC games on a Chromebook.You can only run games written for Chrome OS on a Chromebook.

Yes. Since Study Island is browser-based, and can run on Chrome, which is integrated into a Chromebook, it should be possible to run the software.

As of this writing, the Sims series of games are not available for the Chromebook.

You cannot install linux on a Chromebook, you can only run it as a chroot.

Yes, But you would have to put the device in developer mode, root your chromebook, Run linix (Already installed on device) then you can download minecraft and run it.

Short answer, no. You can run a few versions of Linux as chroot environments on a Chromebook, but you cannot erase the ChromeOS system and install Linux natively.

A Chromebook is a type of laptop computer.The things that make a Chromebook different from most other laptop computers is that is runs Chrome OS which is intended to operate as a network based cloud computing client. Most programs for the Chromebook (unlike on standard laptops) usually do not run on the Chromebook itself, instead they run on a server computer at some site on the internet and the user interface is all that runs on the Chromebook as a client of that server computer.

Adobe Flash will run on most desktop systems. It won't run on Apple iOS.

The iPad does not support Adobe's Flash Player, but it can run HTML5, which is a dynamic graphic environment like Adobe Flash. Since it doesn't run Flash, you won't be able to play online or Facebook games that use Flash.

It cannot run console games but pc games then yes

Dragonfable needs atleast Flash 8 to run.

Yes you can you run Silverlight and adobe flash at the same time. Silverlight and Flash has a hard time capturing the market because of the maturity of flash. But the Silverlight is keeping up by including certain features that help designers and developers that wanted to see in flash.

Google Chrome comes with an inbuilt flash player. It is the adobe flash player to run certain scripts.

It does have Adobe Flash, but due to the slow processor most desktop flash animation do not run very smooth.

Yes. Your phone must be running Android 2.2 "Froyo" or a newer version of Android to run Adobe Flash Player. However, Adobe has decided to discontinue Flash on the Android platform with the release of Android 4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich." You can still download and run Flash just fine, and they will continue to release security updates, but future versions of Flash Player will not be released on Android.

Well all i get from your Question is: "can stick arena run on a mac?" if that's what you want to know then yes. stick arena is a flash game, and so long as you have adobe flash player 10 (the most recent Flash player) you can run any flash game on the internet.

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no because you need flash 9 to run the video and if some how u get flash 9 in ur psp it doesn't have enough memory to run the video.

No, Habbo Hotel in run using Flash, The DSI does not have the latest version of Flash and cannot download it.

Technically yes, it is possible to run Minecraft on a Chromebook. But it requires a lot of steps to get it working, and since there is no official version available for Chrome OS, you must replace your operating system with Ubuntu and run the application from there. There is a tutorial available in the link below.

The iPhone does not support flash. Flash is whats used to run most things on the Internet lik YouTube videos and flash games.

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