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Yes, the IRS can, and will, garnish an income tax refund if money is owed from an audit.

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Q: Can the IRS garnish an income tax refund if money is owed from an audit?
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I have a judgment in ca. can they garnish me in fl.?

If you owe money and have a judgment against you, they can garnish your income.

What is an income tax refund?

An income tax refund is money that you receive back from the government from all the withheld taxes that were on your employment income. You usually receive this money through your bank or in the mail.

Can income tax refund be garnished by either ssi or disability?

yes. the federal government is all about balance. if you owe one part of the government and your getting money from another part, they can garnish what they're giving you.

Who can garnish my federal tax refund?

Any state/fed agency you owe money to-example school loans

When you pay more than you owe in taxes and the IRS gives you money back, that money is called _________. A. A tax refund B. Gross pay C. Estimated tax D. An audit?

A. A tax refund

If you owe the bank money do they take your tax refund?

No. Usually a bank will send your debt to a collection agency. Most collection agencies don't have the authority to garnish your tax refund.

If they garnish my wifes check can they garnish my income tax if we file jointly?

Yes, if the agency she owes money to has filed paperwork with the IRS and/or your state tax agency. If they garnish the joint refund, you can submit an injured spouse claim which is a request to have the refund split (usually according to how much of the income on the return belongs to each of you). The amount of the refund that belongs to her will be applied to her outstanding debt and the amount of the refund that belongs to you will be sent to you. You have a limited time to make this claim after you are notified that the refund was withheld to pay her debt, so read your notice carefully. If it's a joint debt, then you cannot make this claim because you both owe the money.Usually tax refunds are only garnished by other government groups (federal, state, or local), publicly funded schools, and student loan companies, but there may be others.

Outline the Consequences of a qualified audit report?

An audit report may have severe consequences. An IRS audit for example may cause a person to have to pay back money they received as an error in reporting income.

Do your kids supposed to get any money from the income taxe refund?

Nope. Parents pay taxes, so they get the refund money. They will most likely spend it to feed you and put a roof over your heads.

Will you get your rapid refund from h and r block if you owe the IRS?

H and R Block will not lend you the money if you are in the FMS income tax OFFSET REFUND PROGRAM

Do you get OASDI money back in your tax returns?

No, Social Security taxes are separate from income tax. There is no refund.

Can IRS garnish my 401k if my husband owes the IRS money?

Yes if you filed a join tax return Or you have a join bank account. IRS will garnish 401k because they see it as a income.

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