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no the i pod touch can not take pictures but the iPod nanno can!

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Does an iPod touch have camera on it?

An I pod touch does not, but it has a section that you can keep pictures in that you can take from your email, etc.

Who do you delete a podcast on an I pod touch?

Go on I-tunes and take it off your I-pod touch.

What is the difference between an I-phone and iPod Touch?

An I phone can call text and take pictures, so its like having a regular phone. An i pod touch doesn't take pictures and you have to download an app to get texting and calling.

How do you take pictures on i pod touch?

u press the button on the top of the ipod and press the circle with the square inside of it @t the same time

How much does a you-pod touch cost a target?

ummm at target there 204.95 the new in pod touch that takes pictures I'm saving up for one I wish I had one

How do you wipe off pictures off i pod?

If it's 4G then you touch the button in the right.

Is i-touch the same thing what i-pod-touch?

yes their the same but i touch is the gayer name for an i pod touch

How much money is an I Pod touch?

whats a you pod touch but an i pod touch can be these $200 $120 $222

How much is the new i pod touch that takes pictures?

about £150-£350 depends on the giga bite

Can you take pictures from the back of the iPod touch?

You cannot take pictures with the iPod Touch. Yes. It depends on what generation the iPod Touch is.

Can the 16GB ipod touch take pictures?

No, so far there is no ipod touch that can take pictures. The ipod touch can only hold pictures that you download from your computer or the internet.

Does an I pod touch 2ND generation case fit an I pod touch?

No, the new i-pod touch is smaller and has a camera.

When is the next update for the you touch?

what do you mean touch do you mean i pod touch cause i have an i pod touch

Can the iPod touch 8gb take pictures?

No, it can't. No generation of iPod Touch (including the 8gb capacity iPod Touch) can take pictures.

Can you take pictures with a Kindle touch?

check on the back of your kindle, if there is a camera on it it can if he doesnt it cant. the kindle fire I beleive you can take pictures on. I have a kindle touch and i cant take pictures.

How many games can you fit on a iPod touch 8gb?

Its simple a i pod touch can hold 1250 songs 1500 digital pictures and 2250 games.

Where to take your i Pod touch if the screen is cracked and you want to fix it?

you take it to the apple store

Does an iPod Touch fourth generation take pictures?

Yes, the iPod Touch 4th geneneration can take pictures. It has 2 cameras.

Can you take pictures on a 2nd generation iPod Touch?

The fourth generation iPod Touch is the only iPod to be able to take pictures.

When was the I Pod touch made?

the i pod touch was made September 5 2007

Can your i pod touch be charged when your i pod touch is turned on?

I've tried and I believe it can

How is technology used in the I Pod touch?

I think you mean the eye pod touch

Can the iPhone take pictures?

The Iphone can take pictures, and so can the new ipod touch.

Can you play your i pod touch while it is charging?

yes but i will take longer to charge

Can you take pictures or recordwith ipod touch?

No, you cannot take pictures with an iPod touch. If you want to record sound, I think you need to install a program or get a speaker with it.