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Mirena may cause absent periods or irregular bleeding, which are symptoms that pregnant women experience. Otherwise, it does not make your body "act pregnant."

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Q: Can the Mirena make your body act pregnant?
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Can stress cause a false positive home pregnancy test?

yeah. it can. i actually heard a few times that if you thinkk that you are pregnant then your body will act as if you are pregnant

Can an IUD make your body act pregnant after having it for one year?

An IUD does not make your body think that you are pregnant. Depending on your body you may find that your cycle can be extremly heavy for the first 6-8 months and then it tends to slow down. Some women may even loose their cycle after about a year and a half after having the IUD put in place. This doesn't mean that your body thinks its pregnant. Its only because the linning of your uterus has been shed away over that year and the linning does not come back while the IUD is keeping your uterus open. The IUD does not pass out hormones to tell your body that it is pregnant like a real pregnancy. Certain IUD's can have hormones with them but not to the extent of making your body feel pregnant.

Does cigna cover Mirena?

Under the Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare"), almost all insurance plans must cover IUDs.

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