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Yes. You just need to know where in the VIN number the engine code is located.

most of the time it is the eighth digit in from the left of your VIN number. you can call a dealer or parts store like CARQUEST and they should be able to tell tou what engine size you have. Techboy23

(applies if its 1981 and newer.)

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Q: Can the VIN number tell you what size engine is in a car?
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Can the vin tell the size of the engine?

On a 17 digit VIN , the 8th " character " of the VIN will indicate which engine you have

How can you tell what size engine a 71 Chevrolet Elcamino originally came with?

The 8th digit of the VIN number will tell.

Can you look up your VIN on your car to tell you about your engine?

yes the 8th digit of the vin on American cars will tell you the engine size.

Car has a VIN number with only 13 numbers how do you search this?

The sixth digit will tell the year, 5th digit will tell you the engine size.

What is the engine size of a 1993 Chevy mark 3 conversion van?

take the vin. number to a parts store and they can tell you.

Does the vin tell which engine is in the truck?

Yes, the VIN number will identify the model, color, engine, trim, and other features of your vehicle.

Can you find the VIN number on a Mazda engine or is the engine number related to the VIN in any way?

The Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN, only identifies the body and frame of the vehicle. There is no VIN number on the engine and the engine number is not related to the VIN.

What does the vin number gives reference to?

The vin number tells where the car was built, when it was built, the engine size, the colour of the vehicle etc.

How can you tell if your Taurus sedan has a vortex engine?

Check the vin number .

What is your 2006 Chevrolet Silverado engine size with v in the VIN number?

That would be the 4.8L engine.

What size is the engine in Ford F-350?

Engine size depends on the year, options, etc. There are vin checkers online that will tell which engine it was manufactured with.

Can you tell me the size of ATV by this vin jsaak43ax12102805?

Look on the side of engine cylinder for the engine CC. 348cc is a 350

Which numbers in Vin number 1G1BN53EOMR104884 tells me the cubic inches of displacement in engine block?

This is not a valid VIN number so I am unable to provide information. You can look up the size of the engine under the hood of the vehicle. Every car manufacturer has a different digit of the VIN that indicates the size of the engine.

How do you tell engine size ford f 150 xlt 2wd 1997?

I would copy down the "VIN" number and take it to the dealer and ask them.

How do you. Find. Engine. Size on a 1999 ford escort?

Call the service department of a Ford dealership with the VIN number and they can tell you.

How do you identify ford engine size?

If it's the original engine use the VIN number and go to your favorite parts supplier and they can tell you. If it's been changed you have to get the casting number and do some research. Or go to your garage and ask your mechanic and he will be able to tell.

How do you find the size of your engine using the VIN number?

Carfax only gives you the year, make and model unless you pay....don't waste your time...follow the directions on the next answer...AnswerRaise your hood and look at the placard. It list the engine size. It is also listed in your owner's manual. AnswerYour local dealer should be able to tell the engine size from the VIN.

What VIN is engine?

If you are looking for the engine code in the VIN number, it is usually the 5th or the 8th number. Go to your local auto parts store and have them look up your engine, tell them you need to know your VIN code. They will be able to give you options like "It's either A, C, or L" and then look at the VIN number of your car, find the VIN code, and that is what it will always be.

What size engine vin 1g2jb524x27396660?

It is a 2002 Pontiac sunfire with a 2.2. They where offered with two different 2.2 engines. This one is vin number 4. The 8th digit of the vin is the engine code.

How do you tell which V8 engine is in a 1999 Ram 1500 4X4?

Under the hood towards the left headlight by the radiator kind of there is a small white sticker it will have what engine size your truck has. If it is gone, a dealer can tell from the VIN number.

How do you tell what engine you have in your 99 Mercury Sable?

The VIN number should have an indicator. VIN number references can be found online or in the repair manual for your car.

Does a VIN tell what the engine size is?

yes. the vin tells where the car was made the order it was put together in the year the engine size the make and model and what type of vehicle it is (coupe/sedan/ convertable/ etc) and its country of origin

How do you find out what engine is in your car?

look on the vin tab I think its the 8th number and that will tell you or call Chevy give them the number and they can tell you.

What is Code of engine at VIN number for gm?

The eighth digit of the vin number is the engine code.

How can the VIN be determined from a 2.5l Subaru engine number?

It can't. The the only thing that a VIN number has in common with the engine is the 8th digit of the VIN tells what type of engine it is. The VIN number though may allow the dealer to access the engine number from their databases.