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Yes, but in uniform motion.

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Can the average velocity of the body be the same as instantaneous velocity?

Yes, the average velocity of the body can be same as the instantaneous velocity at a small time interval.The values of the average and the instantaneous velocities approach each other , as the length of time interval is decreased.

When is the average velocity equal to the instantaneous velocity?

When an object is in constant motion (when there is no acceleration). At any point in that motion the average and instantaneous velocities will be the same.

Are instantaneous velocity and velocity the same thing?

No.Average velocity is the average of the velocty of entire motion where as instantaneous velocity is the velocity at an instant, it may be a function of time or displacement.

When an object moves with constant velocity does its average velocity during a time interval differ from its instantaneous velocity at any instant?

No. If it its moving at constant velocity, its instantaneous velocity would be the same as its constant velocity.

How is velocity same from instantaneous speed?

Instantaneous speed is the magnitude of the velocity. Velocity also states the [direction] of the speed.

How is instantaneous speed different from average speed?

BecuZ average is the same limit and the other is nesting velocity

Compare and contrast velocity and instantaneous speed?

velocity is just a general term for speed (it could be average velocity or instantaneous velocity). Instantaneous velocity/speed (same thing) is the speed at that second. If you are familiar with calculus, it is the derivative of the position graph. Whereas average velocity is how fast the object is going in, for example, 1 hour, it is the speed that is maintained the whole hour (or the average) Instantaneous would be that at the second, at for example t=1.425, the speed is 24m/h . something along those lines

What Is the difference between velocity and average velocity?

Velocity is an instantaneous measure. Mathematically, it is the limiting value of the change in the position vector divided by the change in time as the latter tends to zero. Over larger time periods, the average velocity is the total change in the position vector divided by the total change in time. If velocity is constant, the average velocity will be the same as the instantaneous velocity.

What does velocity divided by the time interval equal?

It equals an undefined entity. The average acceleration of an object equals the CHANGE in velocity divided by the time interval. The term "change in velocity" is not the same as the term "velocity", "average velocity", or "instantaneous velocity".

When an object moves with constant velocity does its average velocity during any time interval differ from its instantaneous velocity at any instant?

No. Its velocity, average velocity and instantanous velocity will all be the same at any (or every) time an investigator makes an observation.

Which describes the average velocity of an ant at a constant speed ina straight line?

In that case, the average speed is the same as the instantaneous speed.

What is the relation between instantaneous speed and instantaneous velocity?

They are the same thing, however velocity is 'in a given direction', speed is in any direction.

Is it possible for a moving body to have the same average and instantaneous velocity?

Of course. When you're sailing along in the car on the highway with the "cruise control" on, and the ride is smooth as silk and the speedometer is pointing at ' 60 ' and never moving, your average and instantaneous speed are equal, until you do something to change your speed. And if the road is straight and you keep moving in a straight line, then the same statement is true of your velocity, as well as your speed.

When will the average velocity be equal to instantaneous acceleration?

Never.Average velocity is total displacement (final position minus initial position) divided by the total time: vave = (xf-xi)/tAcceleration is the rate at which your velocity is changing or change in velocity over time: a= (vf-vi)/tThese two quantities may have the same numerical value but will never have the same units.Average velocity for a trip can equal instantaneous velocity at a certain point during the trip, however, at any time during a trip in which the velocity is constant or at half way through the total time of a trip where the acceleration is constant.

When can average speed and instantaneous speed be the same?

Average and instantaneous speed are the same when the speed is constant during the time period you're interested in.

What is the difference between Instantaneous speed and instantaneous velocity?

Speed has only size. Velocity has size and direction.If three drivers are driving their cars at 50 mph headed north, 50 mph headed south, and50 mph headed east, their speeds are all equal, but their velocites are all different.Instantaneous speed is the speed at an instant in time. A point on the edge of an LP record hasthe same instantaneous speed whenever you look at it.Instantaneous velocity is the velocity ... speed and direction ... at an instant in time. A point on theedge of an LP record has a different instantaneous velocity every time you look at it. Even thoughthe speed is always the same, the direction keeps changing.

Does average velocity and average speed have the same number?

velocity is a vector and speed is scalar. Velocity has magnitude and directions, with magnitude being speed. The magnitude of average velocity and average speed is the same.

Can the average velocity be the same as the instantenous velocity?

Yes, if the instantanious velocity is constant.

Can average velocity and average speed be same?

The magnitude of both can be the same.

Instantaneous speed at an instant is equal to magnitude of instantaneous velocity at that instant Why is it so?

Instantaneous velocity mean change of displacement in extremely small amount time. (in math way, taking[ lim t--->0 (change in displacements/change in time) ]. instantaneous speed is the same expect displacement change to distance. So,because of very very small change in time, magnitude of distance and displacement will be same for any direction the object is moving.

What is the same instantanoeus speed and average speed?

different on constant and instantaneous speed

Is average acceleration equal to instantaneous acceleration for a uniformly accelerated car?

Yes. The average of a list of copies of the same number is the same number.

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