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Yes, if, for example, a car races around a circuit, its total displacement is zero and so its velocity, at the end of every lap, is zero.

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Which term explains whether an object's velocity has increased or decreased over time

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Q: Can the average velocity of a moving body be zero. state example?
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What do you understand by state of motion?

A description of the motion of the object. Stationary vs moving described by velocity.

Explain why an object in a state of equilibrium could be either in motion or stationary?

Stating that an object is in a state of equilibrium means that it has no forces currently acting on it. An object without forces acting upon it has no acceleration or deceleration. This means that if it was already moving, it would continue moving in the same direction and at the same speed (i.e. it would have constant velocity). If it was not moving, it would continue not moving (i.e. it would be stationary).

A bouquet is thrown upwards does the bouquet's displacement and velocity change?

The bouquet goes from one place to another, from a state of being "still" to moving. It's displacement and velocity does change.

Which state of matter is characterized by having molecules far apart and moving randomly?

The state of matter in which molecules are generally far apart and moving randomly is known as the gaseous state. Steam is an example of a gas.

If a crate is stationary on an incline does it mean that it is in the state of equilibrium?

If a crate placed on an inclined plane is moving at constant velocity or not moving at all -- which is really a special case of constant velocity where the velocity is zero -- then the sum of the forces acting upon it is zero. We can say that it is in a state of equilibrium, where all forces acting upon it are in perfect balance and cancel themselves out. A free-body diagram is often used to represent a body and the forces acting upon it and helps us visualize the relationship of the vector forces. See this link:

What is a possible state of an object in the absence of net force?

Without a net force, an object won't accelerate - so, its velocity won't change over time.

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What are examples of uniform velocity?

I think, the best common example of uniform velocity is a body at rest. Because, in this state the body covers equal distances (0 units) in equal intervals of time.

What is the average cost to hire moving company?

It all depends on the distance of your move and the size of your household. Costs for moving vary considerably. It’s not possible to give an average cost. But moving a small household in state can be anywhere from $1000 to $3000.

What will happen to the motion of objects moving with a certain velocity unless an unbalanced force acts on them?

ANSWER 1 - If an unbalanced force acts on an object in motion, then the velocity of the object will change. ANSWER 2 - The object will continue its state of motion. This property is called 'inertia'.

Newtons law that says an object at rest stays at rest unless a net force acts on it and an object moving at the constant velocity continues at that velocity unless a net force acts on it?

This is Newton's first law of motion. 'Every body persists in its state of being at rest or of moving uniformly straight forward, except insofar as it is compelled to change its state by force impressed', or 'The velocity of a body remains constant unless the body is acted upon by an external force.'

What is Laws of inertia?

the body keeps it's state either at rest or moving with uniform velocity , unless affected by external force (newton's 1st law of motion )

Difference between kinetic and kinematic?

kinematic is the study of state of motion of a body i.e. includes both rest and moving bodies.. but kinetic is study of moving bodies only.... study means calculating velocity, accelration..etc..

Which of these is an example of inertia in physics?

Inertia is a force that tends to maintain the current state of motion. An example of inertia is the leaning forward of passengers when a moving vehicle breaks.

What is newton's law of inertia?

the body keeps it's state either at rest or moving with uniform velocity , unless affected by external force (newton's 1st law of motion )

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Solid state media with no moving parts?

solid state media with no moving parts

What are solid-state media with no moving parts?

what is a solid-state media with no moving parts

State the ways velocity can change?

the velocity of an object changes when it speeds up or slows down.

What is the cost for moving cars from state to state?

The price for moving cars can range based on many factors like the distance, the companies price, and other service fees. The average price range though is anywhere from $300 - $600.

What is the acceleration of a car that moves at a steady velocity of 100 kmh for 100 seconds Explain your answer and state why this question is an exercise in careful reading as well as in physics?

Acceleration = 0 because the car is moving at a STEADY velocity. It is neither speeding up, nor slowing down.

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The largest state to state moving company is currently the United Van Lines. They offer moving from state to state for both business and personal uses. Depending on the location of the moving, there may be a more well known or popular company.

If a body is moving with a uniform speed what will be its velocity?

A body moving at a uniform speed may have a uniform velocity, or its velocity could be changing. How could that be? Let's look. The difference between speed and velocity is that velocity is speed with a direction vector associated with it. If a car is going from, say, Cheyenne, Wyoming to the Nebraska state line at a steady speed of 70 miles per hour, its velocity is 70 miles per hour east. Simple and easy. Uniform speed equals uniform velocity. (Yes, I-80 isn't perfectly straight there. Let's not split hairs.) But a car moving around a circular track at a uniform speed is constantly changing direction. Its speed is constant, but its velocity is changing every moment because the directionit is going is changing. Speed is uniform, but velocity isn't. As asked, uniform speed is a uniform distance per unit of time. And this will yield a uniform distance per unit of time in its velocity, but the direction vector may be uniform or it may be changing each moment, as illustrated.

Is terminal velocity the highest velocity?

Sort of. It is not necessarily highest velocity in general, but it is the highest velocity a certain object can travel. Lets say you drop a penny of of the Empire State Building. When the penny reaches "terminal velocity", the penny's velocity can no longer increase.

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