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It is hard to do the back exercise by keeping your butt in air for a minute.

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2014-02-05 13:52:03
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Q: Can the back bridge exercise be done by keeping your butt in the air for a minute?
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What does the back bridge exercise do?

A back bridge exercise is done to help strengthen the back muscles. It can also help tone the muscles in your stomach.

What is the answer to the 4 women cross a bridge riddle?

1 minute woman and 2 minute woman go across first. Then 1 minute woman comes back. (Total 3 minutes) Then 5 and 10 minute women go across together. (Total 13 minutes) The 2 minute woman comes back. (15 minutes) Then the 1 minute and 2 minute women go back together (17 minutes).

What kinds of streaches can you do to relieave back pain?

that Brigde exercise, where you pretend to be a bridge, that really helps, only if your flexible though.

What happenes when gas is put into a container?

be back in a minute be back in a minute

Are there low back exercises for men?

Yes, an example of an easy low back exercise for men is the barbell deadlift, which involves lifting a barbell with your arms while keeping them straight down. The weight on the barbell can be adjusted to your capability. You will need access to a barbell and barbell weights to do this exercise properly.

Where was the first bridge built?

The first bridges were built almost 5,000 years ago. Back then people were more interested in actually DOING rather than keeping records of it.

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a suspension bridge can sway back and forth where a regular bridge can also be a lift bridge or a drawbridge.

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What celebrities have made their own exercise DVDs?

The celebrities who have made their own exercise DVDs are, Cathy Owen, Sam Jones, Kirstie McCrum, and Naphtalia Loderick. The celebrity workout DVDs have helped many people to get back into exercising, therefore keeping their body healthy.

What is a bridge in gymnastics?

a bridge is when your back is arched, tummy up, and hands and feet on floor. also called a back bend, the bridge is the most simple of skills in gymnastics.

What are deadlifts?

A deadlift is an exercise where the barbell begins and ends on the floor (hence "dead"). It is pulled up close to the body with the hamstrings, and then the glutes, while keeping the chest up and back straight. After locking out at the top, the motion is reversed back to the floor.

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