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yes many forms of hormonal Birth Control cause breakthrough bleeding and spotting and is normal to occur for the first 3 months on the birth control if it lasts for more than 3 months talk to your doctor so that they can put you on a different pill that is better for your body hope this helps Good Luck and God Bless!!!!!!!!!!
Brown or red menstrual flow is normal on birth control pills.

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Q: Can the birth control pill cause brown discharge?
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Can the birth control pill cause brown or black discharge?

Yes, the birth control pill can cause brown or black discharge. Any amount of brown, black, or red discharge is considered a "period" or withdrawal bleed when you're on the pill.

Does the birth control implant cause prolonged brown discharge?

The birth control implant can cause irregular bleeding or spotting. The color may be red, brown, or black.

What could be the cause of a light brown vaginal discharge a week before your expected period and are on birth control?

brown and smelly is gonorrhea

Can the birth control patch cause cramping and discharge?


What could be the cause of brown discharge during the second week of taking birth control pills?

Hi, Causes of vagina discharge while taking birth control are: * Implantation bleeding. * Withdrawal bleed from missing one or more pills. * Urinary tract infection. * Pregnancy.

Does birth control cause white vaginal discharge?

Some women complain of an increase in vaginal discharge on hormonal birth control. This discharge has no odor or itch. If it's troublesome, contact your health care provider for advice.

Can the birth control pill cause a yellow discharge without odor?

The birth control pill can change vaginal discharge, but a yellow discharge is a possible sign of infection. See your health care provider as soon as possible.

Why do you have brown discharge?

Brown discharge is usually from leftover blood after your period. Are you on the pill? That can also cause brown discharge.

Can birth control pills cause a change in the color and smell of vaginal discharge?


Can stopping the birth control pill cause breast discharge?

No. Go to your OB/GYN

Skipped one birth control and you saw one day brown discharge but still not real period why?

You are just spotting. Missing one pill won't cause a period.

Can the birth control patch cause breast discharge?

Not as far as I am aware, you should tell your doctor about this.

Can HPV cause brown discharge?

HPV does not cause brown discharge unless the cervix is severely affected. See your health care provider if you are having unusual discharge.

Could taking 2 birth control pills a day for 5 days cause brown discharge after period?

Yes. It's hard to imagine why you would double the dose for five days, but doing so could cause spotting.

You are on birth control and have white clumpy discharge?

If you're having itching or odor with the discharge, see hyour health care provider for diagnosis. If there is no odor or itch, there is no cause for concern.

Can the birth control pill cause discharge?

Some women notice an increased white discharge after starting the birth control pill, without odor, itching or irritation. This is called leukorrhea, and if you find it troublesome, your health care provider may be able to change to a different mix of hormones.

Can long term birth control use cause large brown spots on your face?

Yes, hormonal birth control can cause chloasma in women who are susceptible. Stopping hormonal birth control may help, but the spots may not resolve completely. Consulting with a dermatologist may be helpful.

What is the cause of brown vaginal discharge?

Montly Mestransation Cycle.

Can stopping birth control cause breast discharge?

No. Take a pregnancy test. If this comes up negative go to your doctor immediately. Breast Discharge is a very common sign of breast cancer.

Why brown discharge after period?

Brown Discharge is one of common concerns of girls and women. Not all cases of brown vaginal discharge are cause for concern. Brown vaginal discharge is most often associated with old endometrial tissues. Discover more in recommended related link below.

Can anorexia cause brown discharge a week before you get your period?

Not usually, no.

What is the main cause of a brown vaginal discharge?

A common cause of a brown or tinted discharge is light bleeding. Blood that is not fresh will darken and appear brown. It is most noticable during the beginning or end of your period. (This should be discussed with your Dr if you are pregnant.)

What could cause brownish discharge and light bleeding between periods?

The brown discharge is from your lining inside you, it is normal to have that.

What meds cause vaginal discharge?

There are a variety of medications that can cause women to get a yeast infection and in turn cause some discharge. Birth control pills can cause women to get yeast infections because they create a change in hormone levels. Antibiotics are also known to cause yeast infections. If you have abnormal vaginal discharge you should seek medical attention to rule out any other issues. best of luck.

Does birth control cause birth deffects?

Although there is very little evidence to prove this some doctors believe that hormonal birth control can cause birth defects.