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They can obviously monitor what you order but not what you see regularly. You know like hbo regular.

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Q: Can the cable co monitor your viewing with a digital cable box?
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Motorola digital cable box?

A Motorola digital cable box is used to changed an analog television to digital viewing. The cable box needs to be connected to a receiver such as a roof antenna and then to the television. The television then has to scan the box to locate signals that it can receive.

Does one need a box for digital cable?

One does need a box from a cable provider for digital cable. One also needs a cable converter box in order to ensure that they are getting the digital transmissions.

Do you need a high definition TV if you have digital cable?

No. Your SD digital cable box will output Standard definition to your analog tv. If you do not have a cable box but have digital cable direct into your tv then you need a digital tuner. This does not need to be HD for Standard definition. If you do have a HD digital cable box then Yes you need a HD tv to view the HD channels.

Can you use a computer monitor for a tv monitor?

Yes if you have a cable box and no if you don't.

How do you reset an io digital cable box?

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Where can a digital cable box be purchased?

If you are interested in purchasing a digital cable box, they can be purchased at many different stores. Cable providers such as Rogers and Bell would have them available.

Can I receive digital cable on a digital tv?

Usually you can receive digital cable on a digital or analog (old) tv, but what matters is that you have a digital cable "box." The digital cable box will usually have its own remote that can be setup to control other things such as the TV or DVD player in addition to the digital cable channel and guide options. And be sure the cable Company is sending you a High Def. signal to that box. Most companies will charge more money for the HD stations.

The Benefit of Owning a Digital Cable Box?

The digital cable box is now a necessity if you want to watch cable television. The digital cable box operates by converting and unscrambling satellite signals into a screen that transmits them as digital images. They can be bought at department stores fairly cheap and are now common household items.

Is there any real difference between a flat computer monitor and a HDTV screen?

A tv has a tuner.A monitor does not.If you have a digital cable box you can hook a monitor up to it and watch tv on it.If your tv has hdmi or vga you can plug it in to your computer and use it as a monitor.

What does a Sky Digital box do?

A Sky Digital box is a type of cable box. It is an HD cable box that records television shows that you set for it to record. It can hold up to 60 hours of HD shows.

How do you connect a LG LHB335 home theater system to a cable box's digital audio out?

The LG LHB335 only has an optical digital inputs. If your cable box has an optical digital output, connect it to the Digital in #1 (TV) with an optical cable. If your cable box only has a coaxial (RCA) digital output and you want to use the digital audio connection, you will need to purchase a coaxial to optical digital converter. The Monoprice 2947 is less than $20.00.

How do you transfer recordings made in an HD cable box to a DVD using a DVD recorder. I had no problem doing this before from my previous digital cable box?

Try using the composite (analog) outputs from your cable box instead of the digital outputs.

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