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YES the lender can garnishee the co-signor (NOT co-signors spouse) as well as the signor. Just as the lender CANT garnishee your spouses wages. ONLY those signors of the contract are subject to any collection activities.

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Q: Can the cosigners spouse get charged?
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When your Father passed away how bad will a car repossession affect a cosigners credit?

It depends on how your father's death, the repossession, and the cosigners credit are corelated.

Which credit cards let you have cosigners?

i have no idea

Does buyer and cosigners names both appear on title?


If the cosighner stops making payments on car loan but has the car and wont return it?

both owner cosigners credit will be affected both owner cosigners credit will be affected

If your spouse is being charged with charges and they were charged by your parents but the charges are dealing with you and he is your husband do you have to take the stand?

no, he is your husband so they wont ask you to testify unless you decide to do so yourself.

Can an apartment landlord in California refuse cosigners?

Yes. It's not always the landlord that owns the apartment block, but a company and he has to go by the rules. The company has a right to a degree to decide who to rent too and refuse cosigners.

Has anyone ever prosecuted their spouse for adultery?

I'm sure that it has probably occurred somewhere that a spouse has successfully charged their spouse criminally for adultery, but most such cases, if they go to court at all, usually end up in divorce court instead, and are stttled in civil court.

What is a full form for the word cosigners for cse branch?

Computer Science & Engineering

If a person defaults on mortgage payments will this affect the cosigners on their student loan?


How long does a spouse have to be away from the home to be charged with abandonment?

Abandonment is knowing relinquishment of one's right or claim to property without passing rights to another and with no intention to reclaim possession. Deserstion of one's spouse or child.

How many years apart can you and your spouse be before yall get locked up?

There is no law by which a person would be "locked up" or charged with a crime for an age difference with a spouse. You could be confusing this with statutory rape, where rape with a child is a crime.

Does breaking a lease hurt cosigners credit?

That is why the cosigner is there. To back up the contract if you bail.

Can your spouse who has a felony for a weapon be around you if you have a ccw?

If there is weapon in the home she is in grave danger of being charged with "possession" of a firearm, and YOU could also be charged as an accessory for knowingly allowing her to have access. It is NOT necessary to actually have the firearmn ON youir person to be charged with possession, mere 'ready access' to it serves as the prohibiting factor.

Do cosigners for vehicles need a license?

guess what, a cosigner is an owner under the eyes of the law and the dealer....

How do you get a cosigner off of a car title if the car is paid off?

You cant without the cosigners approval.

Can cosigner husband to personal loan make changes without cosigners wife's permission plus California?


Can a spouse notarize something for a spouse?

can a spouse notarize a document for a spouse in business

Can a married spouse move kids without other spouses consent?

it depends on the state and how far they are moving. for instance in oh a spouse can move the children anywhere within the state without a problem but if they then moved to another state the parent that did the move could be charged with kidnaping

Can my spouse own a firearm if Im a felon?

Yes, but the felon cannot have access to it.Additional: While the above answer is true in the broad sense, the spouse who owns the firearm may NEVER have it in their possession at any time the felon-spouse is in, or near, their presence.They may not keep it in the house - they may not keep it in a car - they may not carry it - etc - at any time the felon-spouse is present.To do so, places the felon-spouse in the unlawful/criminal position of being in "concurrent possession" of the weapon.Furthermore, if done in such a way that it can be proven that they "knowingly" did so the spouse could be charged as an accessory to supplying a firearm to convicted felon.

In Florida if your parents are refinancing would your spouse need to sign the mortgage?

Not unless your spouse is on the title to the property. If not and your spouse signs, then your spouse will be fully responsible for paying the mortgage.Not unless your spouse is on the title to the property. If not and your spouse signs, then your spouse will be fully responsible for paying the mortgage.Not unless your spouse is on the title to the property. If not and your spouse signs, then your spouse will be fully responsible for paying the mortgage.Not unless your spouse is on the title to the property. If not and your spouse signs, then your spouse will be fully responsible for paying the mortgage.

Can a spouse file for a divorce and lie about the whereabouts of the other person?

Not if they want the divorce decree to be legal and they could be charged with perjury by signing the divorce petition as it is a legal document.

Can a cosigners credit get the car repossessed?

As long as the loan for the unit is paid each month, the collateral will never be repo'd.

If a home rental lease contract expires in two years and there is a rollover statement making it a month to month are the cosigners still responsible even after 9 years have pasted?

Unless there has been a new agreement signed since the original, that original agreement is still binding, and the cosigners are still on the hook.

Is the surving spouse liable for spouses medical bills in NJ?

Not individually, but the deceased's estate may well be subject to being charged for the expenses not covered by any existing insurance.

Death of a spouse credit card debt?

My husband has several credit cards in full swing...He pays on them...To whom the are for I don't know or what has been charged on them.... In no way can I pay for these after his death....what can I do....