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They WANT it in as large of amounts as possible but they take what they can get. wage garnishemnt can only take 25% of your DISPOSABLE income. You should get a notice telling you what they can and cant do.

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Q: Can the court take your income tax refund for money owed on a repo and do they base the payments on income amount or do they get it in large amounts?
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Do you qualify for a refund if the only source of income is social security?

If you had taxes withheld from your Social Security payments or you made other payments such as estimated tax payments, you may be owed a refund. If you did not claim the stimulus rebate last year or your rebate was less than the maximum, you may be owed a refund.

When calculating my tax refund and I am asked to enter the amount of federal taxes paid does that also include withholdings for medicare and social security?

No. Only INCOME Tax estimated or wittholding...payments made toward INCOME tax that you are calculating. By the way, Medicare/SS are considered insurance payments.

I haven't filed my taxes for 3 years. do I loose the child tax benefit for those past years or will I get a refund for them?

You should file your income tax returns if you qualify for any of the refund amounts and see what happens. You can file for a refund up to 3 years from the due date of the tax return and receive the amount of the refund that you qualify for after that period of time the refund is no longer available to you. For the 2006 tax year income tax return the last day to file and receive the refund amount would have been April 15 2010.

Is there a fee for filing income taxes in Alabama late if you're owed a refund?

When you are due a refund and fail to file your income tax return to claim the refund amount that you are due they do not charge the penalty because if you fail to claim the amount it will eventually be lost.

Which policy relates to this statement an individual may receive a tax refund from the government after filing their federal income tax refund?

Taxpayer failed to file a tax return to claim a possible refund amount they had available to them if the refund amount is claimed in the 3 year time frame then the refund amount is no longer available to the taxpayer. Taxpayer filed a income tax return and failed to claim some of the credits that were available to them if the income tax had been filed correctly and the can now file the 1040X amended individual income tax return to correct the error that was made on the original file income tax return to claim the additional refund amount.

Do marry men with kids make more on income tax than single?

YOU ALREADY KNOW THIS ANSWER. Sure the income tax would be less when the 1040 income tax return for a MFJ with qualifying dependent children exemption amounts added to reduce the taxable income amount and the other tax credits that they could possibly qualify form is completed correctly the amount of their federal income tax liability would be reduced and the the credit amounts could possibly increase the refund amount.

If you are making you monthly payments on your student loan can you still get your income tax at the end of the year?

If you are not delinquent with your student loan, your federal income tax refund will not be garnished.

If you gross 1500 and have 4 kids are you going to get a refund?

IF this is qualified earned income that you worked for it is possible that you could receive a refund. You will NOT know the correct amounts until you complete your 1040 federal income tax return correctly. Your filing status, your age and how you made all of your gross worldwide income amount and if you had any sources of earned income (pay that you worked for) that has to reported on your 1040 income tax return and all of your other information that is required to entered correctly on each line of your 1040 income tax return will all be a part of the necessary information that you know and will have enter on your income tax return correctly to arrive at the correct answer of how much you might possible get back as a REFUND AMOUNT after your income tax return is completely correctly. If it is qualifying earned income and you are not a dependent on another taxpayer's income tax you return. IF you meet the qualifications for the earned income tax credit and the making work pay tax credit for the tax year 2009 you WILL NOT KNOW the amounts until you have completed your 1040 federal income tax return correctly. When you get to the last lines on page 2 of the 1040 federal income tax return line 72 where it says THIS IS THE AMOUNT THAT WAS OVERPAID then you will know how much your refund amount should be. If the amount is ZERO -0- and then you have an amount on line 75 AMOUNT YOU OWE.

W-2 under 200.00 require to file?

Not if you do NOT have any other amounts of gross worldwide income from any other sources. If any federal income tax was withheld you could choose to the 1040 federal income tax return and get a refund of the withheld FIT amount.

When filing for the state income taxes do you receive your federal income tax refund as well as your state income tax refund?

No, when filing for the state income taxes, you will receive your federal income tax refund as well as your state income tax refund.

What is the word for Excess of your withholding and estimated tax payments?

Amount of taxes that were overpaid to the IRS The excess amount of your withholding and estimated tax payments would be the amount that is MORE than your federal tax liability on your correctly completed federal 1040 income tax return and would be the amount of the REFUND that you could possibly receive after sending your tax return to the correct IRS address. Overpayment amount of taxes

Will the 8000 be refunded or will just reduce your adjusted gross income?

The tax credit amount does not have any affect on your AGI nor on your taxable income amount. Your federal income tax liability if any will be reduced by up to the 8000 of your FTHBTC. If your federal income liability is less than the 8000 amount then you will receive a refund of the amount that is left. The 8000 FTHBTC is a refundable credit and if you do not have any federal income tax liability you will receive the 8000 amount as a refund.

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