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Can the credit company sue you for putting the the wrong annual income on the application?

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There would be no reason for a lawsuit. If the company believes you misrepresented you annual income, they would most likely close your account. The only reason to sue you would be for non-payment of the outstanding balance, which they have a right to do.

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What do you do when your application for credit is rejected?

Try for another company.

What is a business credit application?

A business credit application is a form to be filled out by other business such as vendors and distributors want to establish a line of credit with your company. This form will provide key information for doing business with the company.

Where can I get a annual credit report for free?

No, you will not receive an annual credit report for free. You will generally get a few free credit reports before whatever company you are getting them through starts charging you.

What is an annual credit card fee?

Its a fee the credit card company charges you yearly for using their money

Where can I get a free credit card?

Many credit card companies offer free credit cards with no annual fee. You are more likely to recieve a card without an annual fee if you have a high credit score. On such credit card company is

What service does Free Annual Credit Report offer its patrons from their online company?

The Free Annual Credit Report company does exactly what its name suggests. It offers free credit reports to interested individuals. The site is sponsored by TransUnion and Equifax, amongst others.

Which credit card company offers the lowest apr?

The annual percentage rate on credit cards can be researched online. Many credit card companies offer a zero annual percentage rate on balance transfers.

What company offers an online credit application?

There are many companies that offer an online credit application. is a website that allows you to apply for a Visa card, Mastercard, or an American Express!

Which company makes blue credit cards?

The Blue credit card is made by the company American Express. One can apply for a Blue credit card from the official American Express webpage, which offers rewards and no annual fee.

What should you look for when filling out a credit card application and choose which credit card company is the best?

Read all the fine print on the contract. If you're filling out an application online, make sure you click on links to read the terms and conditions. If you're not careful, you may end up signing an agreement to pay an application fee, a processing fee and/or an annual fee - which they'll happily charge to your new credit card and start collecting interest on immediately.

What information is required on a Capital One credit card application?

The Capital one credit card application requires you to enter your average annual earnings, SSN, name, birthday, phone number, and a variety of other information. You must also sign that you accept the credit check that they will do.

How is credit limit determined?

Credit limit is determined by the information given to the company during their application. The person's income and credit score play a big part in the limit.

Show you the data flow diagram for credit card processing?

Application---->Information Verification (Financial Status,Employment Verification, Credit Check)----->Determine Your Annual Percentage Rate and Credit Limit----->Generate Agreement

If a company has transferred your account many times and the last company cannot find your original signed application can you have these removed from your credit?


Is there a federal law requiring your annual income on credit application?

No. I recently refused to fill out the line that states annual income on a Nordstrom credit application. (I felt my 802 FICO spoke for itself). I was told by the credit department 3 times by 3 different people there was a Federal Law requiring this information, which they refer to as the " Consumer Credit Protection Act" of February 2010. I researched the Act and there is no requirement to state annual income on a credit application. In fact, that Act is to protect the consumer from credit card companies, not the other way around. After speaking with a supervisor, and waiting on hold for him to research, he admitted there was no law, just a rule from "somewhere" that requires them to "gather information on the applicants ability to pay". Pulling up the applicants credit history is sufficient information to issue credit.

Which Capital One Credit Card has the lowest annual fee?

Capital One is a credit card company based on the United States. It offers many different kinds of credit cards, but the one with the lowest annual fee is the Capital One Orbitz Visa Platinum.

Do you have to pay your company credit card debt if it is out of business?

It depends on the credit card application and the structure of the company. Most credit cards issued to a small business are guaranteed by the owner. In that case, you must pay. If the card was issued soley to the company, the credit card company could sue your corporation to recover any assets available. If the company was a sole proprietorship or a partnership, you are liable.

With good credit where can one find a free credit card with no annual fees?

With good credit, almost all credit card carriers offer free credit cards with no annual fees. You should contact your provider and seek information about a credit card with no annual fees.

Which websites provide free annual credit reports?

The following websites provide free annual credit reports: Check My File, Equifax, Credit Report Access, Annual Credit report, Experian, What's My Score.

How can I apply for a corporate credit card?

Any major credit card company can have an application for a corporate credit card. The top ones include Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. What you need to do is fill out the application and possibly send in any financial information for your business.

How can I make all credit card company stop send me all the application for credit card or check.?

call or go on line to be placed on the opt out list

Where can I find free annual credit reports online?

You can get free annual credit reports online from

Does the free annual credit report include the credit score?

Actually, you don't get a free credit score when you request for your free annual credit report. The government allows the credit agencies to charge a nominal fee for the credit score.There are, however, certain instances when you can get your credit score for free:if you're applying for a mortgage, you can ask the lender to tell you what your score isif you've been denied credit and the score was a major factor in the decision, you can contact the credit company, ask why your application was disapproved, and ask for your credit score as wellif you have a credit card with a company that offers the free credit score as a privilege for cad holders, you can access your credit score online through their websiteCheck out the links below for more information on getting your credit score.

Can a credit card company call work for a payment?

They can call because it's usually on the application... but you don't have to be nice about it.

Will your last name show misspelled in your credit reports if you misspelled your last name in a credit card application but the application was denied?

If your credit card application was denied, you do not have a credit card. You are not in the credit company's system. Therefore, you will not receive a report.