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They can deposit money into their personal bank account but they shouldn't. It will mix funds and accounting and taxes will be challenging. They can also be accused of wrongdoing.

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2008-06-14 01:37:15
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Q: Can the director of a corporation deposit company money into their personal bank account?
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Can a company director withdrawal cash for drawings account from company?

Yes, but it will be treated as a drawings account.

Can a director of a non profit corporation also be an employee of he company?


What is the difference between a holding company and a personal holding company?

difference between holding company and personal holding company and the corporation ltd.

Can you pay child support through your company corporation in California?

Your personal corporation or one you work for? In either case, it should be possible for child support payments to be diverted from payroll or proceeds for the purpose. If this is not your personal corporation, rather a company you work for, speak with the human resources director where you work for information on having child support deducted and electronically transferred to the child support agency in your area.

Can a bank transfer money from a private account of a director of a Ltd company to the ltd company without the permission of the director?

I don't think they can

Can the son of a director who is neither a director nor any officer in the company be authorised to operate the bank account in the name of the company?


Is it legal to transfer funds from business to personal account?

It is legal as long as both accounts belong to the same person/company. If the owner of a company transfers cash from his business account to his business account it is legal. But, if his Personal Assistant does it from her boss's business account to her personal account, it is illegal.

Can you deposit a business check to your personal account?

No, you cannot deposit a business check into a personal checking account. You can only deposit a check into an account that shares the same name, i.e. A check is made out to ABC company--it can only be deposited into an account that is titled ABC company. It cannot be deposited into a personal account--even if that is the personal account of the owner.

Is it lawful for a company to find out from a bank how much money you have in a checking account?

No. A company cannot have access to certain pieces of your personal information, including your personal checking account...

When did S. Marce Fuller join the Mirant Corporation?

In 1992 Fuller went to work for Mirant Corporation, a subsidiary of Southern Company, as an international project director.

What does PC mean after a company name?

public company quoted on the stock exchange

Who was the first American woman to serve as a director of a major corporation The Coca-Cola Company?

Alexis M. Herman

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