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The ECU for an automatic can be used in a manual transmission. However, it will not work vice-versa with the ECU from a manual transmission in an automatic.

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Q: Can the ecm for automatic work for manual transmission?
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Will a 93 Chevy silverado manual transmission work in a 95 gmc sierra auto chassis?

Yes, but the ECM of the 95 would have to be reflashed to remove the interface with the (electronically controlled) automatic transmission.

Does the 95 escort Lx transmission have a computer?

Depends if you have a manual or automatic. Manual transmission, no, there is no transmission computer. For an automatic transmission, the engine computer and transmission computer are one unit typically called an ECM, Engine control module. There are many different names for and ECM. Ford started using computer controlled transmissions in the early 90's and late 80's.

Can a 2006 Ford F-150 5.4l engine be put in a 2005 ford expedition with 5.4?

Yes. They're interchangeable. If the F150 has a manual transmission, the ECM will need to be reflashed for the automatic transmission on the Expedition.

Where is the ECM located on the 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse?

The Engine Control Module (manual transmission), also known as PCM Powertrain COntrol Module (automatic transmission), is located interior under the glove box.

Is 1998 forester auto transmission and manual transmission share the same ECM?

Short answer is "no." The automatic transmission is controlled by the ECM. It learns your driving habits and adjusts shift points accordingly. No need for such functioning on the manual transmission model. Often manufacturers make subtle changes to models while they are in production, such as using a component from a different supplier, and the ECM may be changed to accommodate. The only way to find the correct replacement is to match up the code numbers on the unit.

Will engine fron 2003 2.0sx neon fit into 2000 neon 2.0?

no. the crank toner wheel is different and the 2000 ecm will not read the crank sensor. You may be able to use the 2003 harness and ecm if your car has a manual transmission. If its an automatic the harness and ecm will not work unless you also use a 2003 tranny (the mounts and axles may be different as well). The transmissions changed from a 3 speed to a 4 speed in 2003. The ecm in an automatic will not control the 3 speed.

What transmissions are interchangeable with a 1997 gmc 4l60e?

If you just want a drop in swap, any 4L60E - that is it. You can upgrade to a 4L80E or 6L80E, but the latter will require new driveshafts, and they'll both require repinning the ECM connections and reflashing the ECM. Same deal if you want to go to a manual transmission (NV3500 or NV4500) or non-electronic automatic transmission (4L60 or 700R4)... the ECM will need to be reflashed.

Where is the automatic transmission modulator on a 1992 Ford Tempo?

theres is not a valve it has tvcontrol cable and ecm controls the rest

Would a 4.3 V6 out of a 94 Astro van fit in a 93 GMC Sonoma?

Yes. If it's coming out of a vehicle with an automatic transmission and going into one with a manual (or vice versa), then the ECM will need to be reflashed.

Is it possible to do an automatic to manual transmission conversion on your 88 Grand Prix 2 8 liter?

it is possible but you will need to change more that just the transmission. You will need to get the ecm out of the other car or any gm that has a manual transmission and a 2.8. and change that out. early 90's cavalier would be the easiest since they made so many of them. you will also of course need the shifter and shifter linkage for a manual

Will a Vortec 350 bolt up to my 97 blazer transmission?

Yes, the 97 Blazer used the 4L60E automatic transmission or NV3500 manual transmission, both of which are common applications with the 350 (the 4.3 V6 is the same block as a 350, minus two cylinders). However, if you plan on turbocharging or uprating that engine by other means, the 4L60E or NV3500 may not be rated for the torque it produces, and you might want to consider swapping in a 4L80E or 6L80E (automatic) or NV4500 (manual) transmission. Keep in mind that these will not be simple drop-in swaps, and will require ECM connectors to be re-pinned, reflashing of the ECM, and the 6L80E will require new driveshafts, due to the additional length.

CAN YOU Change automatic transmission to a manual transmission on a 1995 eclipse?

It is within the realm of practicality, but not of feasibility. You'll be replacing a lot more than a transmission - a front wheel drive car uses a transaxle, which incorporates the transmission, differential, and axle shaft ends into one assembly, so it's not going to be a simple "plug and play" application. Then you have to install a clutch and clutch pedal, then you'll have to get the ECM reflashed, as that year used an electronically controlled transmission which interfaces with the engine ECM, and the programming needs to be changed to that of a manual transmission model.For a 20 year-old car of no particular collector's value, it's just plain not worth it.

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