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Yes. Cobalt (Co) can be reacted with most elements. Here are a few reactions:

Cobalt + Oxygen --> Cobalt Oxide

Cobalt + Sulphur --> Cobalt Sulphate

Cobalt + Iodine --> Cobalt Iodide

Cobalt + Chlorine --> Cobalt Chloride

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What is the number of neutrons in the element cobalt?

The number of neutrons in any element is equal to mass number - atomic number. So,number of neutrons in cobalt is = 58 - 27 = 32. therefore, number of neutrons in cobalt is 32.

Are there any uses for the element cobalt?

It is used in paints, medicines, meteors, and Pottery.

What is the difference between matter and element?

matter can be natural or unnatural, but element is natural _____________________________ An "element" is a pure sample in which every atom is the same, rather than a mixture of one or more elements. Iron is an element; every iron atom has 26 protons. "Matter" can refer to any mixture of elements, such as "steel", in which the iron is mixed with carbon, cobalt and manganese, for example. "Matter" may not refer to any particular element or compound.

What compounds are in cobalt?

There are no compounds in Cobalt. It is completely impossible, because Cobalt is an element, and compounds are made up of elements. If this is what you meant to ask, then there a a lot of compounds with Cobalt in them. One example is Cobalt (III) Fluoride, chemical formula CoF3. Any compound with a "Co" (the "C" must be capitalized and the "o" must lowercase) in it contains Cobalt.

Where are the protons of cobalt located Where are the neutrons located Where are the electrons located?

The protons and neutrons of cobalt just like any other element are located in the nucleus whereas the electrons are located in the energy shells.

Is helium inside a balloon an element?

Yes, helium is always an element, wherever it is. Just as any other element is, wherever it is, even if mixed up with other elements and compounds.

Does a element contain two or more compounds?

An element does not contain any compounds. An element is one substance (all on periodic table) A compound is two or more elements mixed together.

What is the definition of pure silk?

Silk is a natural protein fiber, not mixed with any extraneous materials, element.

Why is a combination of sugar and salt said to be a mixture?

a mixture has 2 element or compounds mixed in any proportion

What should be mixed to get copper?

Copper is an element in and of itself - you can't "mix" any other substances to get it. Copper is mixed with zinc to make brass, or with tin to make bronze.

What is carbon compound or pure substance?

carbon is an element, thus pure (except for any impurities mixed in that aren't carbon)

Is cobalt essential for plant growth?

An essential element would be one which would be required by all the plants for completing their life cycle. I have not yet read any article which would put cobalt into this category, however it is considered beneficial element i.e. an element which would be required for the optimum growth of the plant. It is also essential for some of the leguminous species but that also is because of their symbiotic association with the bacteria which require cobalt to fix nitrogen as it possess Vit B12 which contain Co. hope this would help you. I am also looking for its key role in plants if you find any article please do send me a link.

Element j is used to make permanent magnets?

There is no element J. If you're using it as a placeholder and wanting us to supply the name, it could be iron. It could also be nickel, cobalt, aluminium, or just about any of the rare earth elements.

Can public officials sue for libel?

Yes, they have the same rights as any othe citizen.

Does cobalt combine with anything to make a new substance?

no cobalt is not combine with any thing to make a new substance

What does a pit bulldog do that any other dog cant do?

Nothing at all. Pits are not any better or any worse than any othe dog.

What does the cobalt bohr diagram look like?

The Bohr atomic model for cobalt has four energy levels, with the configuration of 2,8,15,2. If you click on the related topic you will see a Bohr model of a cobalt atom. Also, I included a link to a periodic table done in orbital diagrams for each element. It isn't very helpful printed, but you can click on any atom and it will magnify that atom for you on the computer screen.

How does alcohol enter the body?

There really isn't any othe answer but to drink it. That is manely what it is made for. It is a liquid.

What is arsenics subatomic particles?

The same as for any other element.The same as for any other element.The same as for any other element.The same as for any other element.

If you have any othe?

If you have any other questions on this topic, please let me know, if not, you may click the accept button to end this session

What distinguishes a compound from an element?

A compound is two or more elements covalently bonded together. An element (naturally) is just a single element, not bonded to anything in any way. Note that two elements may be mixed in a solution without being chemically bonded.

Is carbon homogenous or heterogenous?

The terms homogenous and heterogenous refer to mixtures of two or more substances. Carbon is an element and not mixed with any other substance.

Can you buy cobalt?

cobalt is mostly ordered from overseas in countries such as America Africa and Canada, you can barely find it in Australia... if anyone can find any other places to buy cobalt pls let me know

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