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Can the engine and transmission of a 98 Isuzu Rodeo be put into a 97 Rodeo?


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2014-04-11 16:21:23
2014-04-11 16:21:23

yes they were made with the same engine

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can you put a 3.3 out of a pathfinder in a isuzu rodeo

How much oil do I put in a 1996 Isuzu rodeo

The oil in a 1993 Isuzu Rodeo is put into the reservoir that is located on top of the valve cover. There is a cap that has to be rotated to remove it.

There should be a small resivor by the brake booster on the driver side of engine compartment for clutch fluid.

Put engine restore in it, it will also help if your valves are tapping.Its in a silver blue and red can its about $8.

For most isuzu rodeo transmission are sealed transmissions, (they do not have a dip stick) look under the truck and you will see two bolts on the transmission oil pan,(one smaller than the other) technically you're supposed to refill the oil with a special pump at mechanic shop. But there's a trick to do it yourself, on the driver's side of the transmission is a plug with a sensor( remove the sensor and fill from there. You will need an adjustable wrench..

Please show picture of how to put on belt

Very much so, this engine will bend every valve depending on how fast the engine was turning when the timing belt broke, it will at times put holes in pistons.

The 1999 Isuzu Rodeo uses 5w-30 motor oil. The oil should be changed every three months or 3000 miles of use.

Can I replace my auto transmission with a maual transmission in my 94 trooper

Take old spark plugs out put new spark plugs in

If your looking to change the oil in an Isuzu Rodeo 2002, a step by step procedure is available at []. Additionally, if you're looking to change the transmission fluid on this same vehicle, a detailed procedure is available at [].

You should drain the oil in the engine. Put engine oil back in the engine because the transmission oil is not made for engines and will hurt the moving parts of the engine if left in.

Low fluid, Fill thru upper plug in trans oil pan. Use oil hand pump with hose attached and fill till over flows while engine is running. Shut off a put plug back in after excess flows out.

Take the dipstick out ues a funnel and put it in through the dipstick hole!

I had same problem with my 2001 Isuzu rodeo sport with 53K miles.......and just put a new battery in and presto, no more abs light.....I think if your battery is weak (does the car have any problems starting and is electrical good?), it will trigger the abs did on mine.

Be very careful NOT to put trans fluid in an engine ! - It goes down the tube that holds trans dipstick, into the transmission.

take the old one off and put the new one on. its easy lol

Yes but the transmission will blow you need a racing 350 transmission

You need to drain the transmission to see what fluid it has. In the late 80's and early 90's Isuzu put either Gear lube or Automatic transmission fluid in the 5 speed transmissions.

The automatic trans is a sealed unit with no trans dipstick.

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