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The Excutor is responsible for damange to all property, keeping records of spending for funeral costs, etc., out of the Estate. Technically, the only people that should be allowed on that property is the Executor and the beneficiaries or a real estate agent. Eventually the Will goes into Probate where all creditors will be paid off, all property taxes, personal taxes, etc., and what is left in the Estate will be divided amongst the beneficiaries. It is also customary for the beneficiaries (if not mentioned in the Will) to give 1 1/2% - 3% (can go up to 5%, but a judge would question this) to the Executor of the Will. Being Executor can be a tough job and lots of red tape even if the Estate is on the small side. If the Estate is small then 1 1/2 - 2% is customary, and if it's a large percent then 2 1/2% - 3%. The Executor can have friends on the premises, but is 100% responsible for any damage or missing articles from that Estate. The Executor should let the beneficiaries know, and thus, the beneficiaries should let the Executor know if they have friends on the property. It's a good idea to take a video of each room, any jewelry, art, etc. before anyone goes onto the property besides the Executor or beneficiaries.

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Q: Can the executor of an estate give permission to his friends to access the estate property and can beneficiaries do the same?
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