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Can the extract from gumamela flowers be used as liquid soap or shampoo?

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Here's the deal-

Soap (the sodium salt of a long chain fatty acid: CH3-(CH2)n-COONa) can be enhanced (made bubblier-more colorful and fun) when gugamela is added to it -

but the plant itself cannot produce Soap.

The recipe is: water with a bit of powdered detergent and crushed gumamelas (including leaves). This gugamella is the special secret ingredient that makes the bubbles bigger and better.

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How could you describe the gumamela extract?

It is a sticky liquid that came from Gumamela flower and plant

Can the extract from gumamela flowers be used as a dish - washing liquid?

of course.......dishwashing liquid are mixtures of chemicals from other substances that's why we have different flavors of it....

How can you make dishwashing liquid from gumamela extract?

To make dish washing liquid from gunamela extract a person will need to combine powdered detergent together with the gunamela extract. The gunamela extract will make the powdered detergent foam and wok better.

How do you make dishwashing liquid from gumamela?

You can make dishwashing liquid from gumamela by taking its extracts and making a solution. This process will require a lab. Add water and soap in gumamela extracts to make dishwashing liquid.

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Scopes of gumamela dishwashing liquid?

because gumamela has an anti bacterial chemical that can make it bubbles.

How can you make dishwashing liquid from gumamela?

mixed leaves with the liquid soap

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