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Can the iPhone take pictures?


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The Iphone can take pictures, and so can the new iPod touch.

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You take pictures with the built-in camera.

Yes, the iPhone has a 2 MegaPixel camera

Yes, all generations of the iPhone come with a camera and can take pictures.

you cant take pics with an ipad but if you hav an iphone you can the iphone n the ipad will work together the iphone takes the pics and loads them on the ipad

You can't record, but you can take pictures of your iPhone screen. Just touch the home and power button at the same time to take a picture of your iPhone screen.

I have an iphone 4s 16gb and i have more than 2000 pics but my sister also have an iphone 4s 16gb and have 1000 pictures and it will often say to delete some photos or videos or she will be not allowed to take pictures.

i have a lg 2 phone...from a iphone on my iphone i could take a picture of a picture on my there a way to do it with the lg2?

No. You can only take pictures, no video capability exists.

umm... you can take pictures with it. if you have an iphone however, it is useless.

You can send pictures of an original iPhone the same way you can send pictures of just about anything.

No, but you can take videos. The current iPod Nano allows you to sync photos to the iPod via iTunes, but you cannot take actual pictures. The iPhone and iPhone 3G can take videos, and the 3GS can take videos. Why apple didn't let the Nano take photos is still unclear. Apple did not make the iPod Nano take pictures because the Nano's camera is VGA quality so pictures would look horrible.

As for me, I recover deleted videos and pictures by using iPhone data recovery.

you connect to your iphone to the comp. and a pop up will pop up(?) and will start the camera wizard which will guide you throuh uploading the pix.

Yes, it does. This is only for taking pictures using Camera. Using "Lock+Home" to take Snapshots takes PNG images. It also takes MOV videos.

Yes, pictures in US magazine show her having an iPhone

You can browse the Internet listen to music call and text people buy apps and take pictures

There is really not a way to see older pictures on an iphone. You can try going to Google play and see if your old pictures are there.

It could be that the songs on your iphone are abundant and numerous ... Added with your iphone not having much storage on it ... it also could not be the songs that are "using " up space on your iphone ... Apps, movies , pictures take up as much space on your iphone as songs...

If the pictures have been backed up to a computer or the iCloud. If your iPhone is till connectible to a computer you should be able to get them that way as well. If the above fails take the handset to a specialist shop to see if they can retrieve the information.

Yes. The iPhone 6 photos are on Apples website.

Make sure mms is on and you can send pictures by testing.

Well, the iPhone is called an iPHONE for a reason, it is an ipod and a phone in one. If you do not want it to be your phone, and just an iPod, then I would suggest getting the iTouch. It does everything the iPhone can do except it can't take pictures or make/receive calls. (Yes, you can get an app for texting.)

You can sync your iPhone to iTunes to transport music, pictures, videos, etc.

Well the iphone doesn't actually allow you to take videos, only pictures. You can play videos on . And you can also use Safari to browse the internet for videos as well.

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