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That depends. The iPod nano 5th generation can receive radio signals. an ipod touch can also, but you have to buy a certain app

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Q: Can the iPod receive a radio signal?
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Are there any apps for ipod touch that give you radio without having to have internet signal?

No, all apps require a Wi-Fi connection (internet signal). An iPod receives radio when it has a built in FM transmitter, which the iPod Touch does not have.

When traveling out of state, would Sirius Radio lose signal or does it stay constant no matter where you are?

You should receive your radio signal nationwide.

What is a Main mission Antenna?

to transmit or receive radio signal

How does a computer receive a signal from a router?

transmitted via radio waves

Who is the founder of radio?

GUGLIELMO MARCONI. He Sent and Receive His First Radio Signal in Italy In 1895.

Device that can both transmit and receive a radio signal?

Radio receivers are designed to receive radio signals in conjunction with a receiving antenna.

How do you convert the factory radio to get Sirius?

You cannot convert a standard radio to receive the satellite radio signal. You will have to purchase a Sirius satellite receiver.

Do you need wyfi to use Pandora radio on iPod touch?

Yes you do. If you had an iPhone, you would be able to do it as long as you had signal.

Do you have to subscribe to service to receive HD radio?

No. But in order to take advantage of everything that's encoded in the HD radio signal, you do need to have the special receiver.

How does a cell phone know what time it is?

Nowadays most receive a radio signal to set the time and keep it accurate

How radio program is broadcast and receive?

The audio from the broadcast radio station is converted into a series of electro-magnetic radio waves via an aerial, which is receieved by the aerial in a radio and demodulated back into an audible signal again.

How do you plug a ipod into a 2003 Ford Focus?

Does it have a tape player? if so, get a tape adapter with a headphone jack to plug it in to the ipod. If not, get an iTrip or similar FM transmitter to transmit the signal to your car radio.