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It seems to me that this is reasonable. For example, if your home has water damage every time it rains, the insurance company would know your home is a higer risk from the property history. The good part is, you'll know too!

Typically when you have a homeowners policy the insurance company will run a loss history report to see what claims have been filed, they are really checking on your history of claim filing, if a claim comes up on the home you are purchasing it may be documented within the company but doest count against you.

Also, an NFIP flood policy will list all prior claims for that property on the declarations page.

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Yes, they can. Essentially the insurance company wants to determine two things:
1) Are you a good risk?
2) Is your home a good risk?
To answer the first, they take a look at your personal history. To answer the second, they take a look at the history of the home you are attempting to insure.

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Q: Can the insurance show a claim from a previous owner of your home on your homeowners insurance record?
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