Can the khali vise grip kill someone?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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I imagine it can. After all his hands are HUGE and if he locked the Vice Grip on someone and never stopped then yes it is possible.

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Q: Can the khali vise grip kill someone?
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Does the Khali Vise Grip really hurt?

yes it KOs you

What is great khali finisher?

It is the Punjabi Plunge/The Khali Vice Grip

What is vise grip?

A type of locking wrench made by Vise Grip.

What is vise grip wrench?

A type of locking wrench made by Vise Grip.

How costly is a vise grip on average?

Vise grips are generally not that expensive they usually run about 10.00 and up depending on brand.

What are the uses of a vise grip?

A vise grip is a great versatile tool. It can be used in woodworking projects to hold wood down when cutting. It can also be used to secure two pieces of wood for glueing them together.

What are Vise Grip pliers used for?

A vice grip is used to hold small objects tighter than regular pliers will.

What is the Great Khalis finisher?

The Punjabi plunge is his signature, and the vise grip is his finisher

What looks like a pair of bent needle nose vise-grip pliers?

That's most likely a pair of bent needle nose vise grip pliers. I have a set just like that and also others with wide flat jaws and large round jaws. There are many different kinds if vice grip pliers.

What are examples of Holding tools?

pliers , wrench , pipe wrench , vise grip , c-clamp

What does his hands are like vises mean?

The expression "his hands are like vises" means that someone's hands have a strong or tight grip, like a vise -- a mechanical tool used to hold objects firmly in place. It suggests that the person has a powerful grip or is holding onto something securely.

How do you open 1999 Chevy suburban hood when release latch does not work?

if able put a vise grip on it and pull