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No, not unless the legal guardian is the owner of the policy. 4lifeguild

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Q: Can the legal guardian of a comatose patient change the beneficiary on a life insurance policy?
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What is use for oral care of comatose patient?

You can use swabs or a toothbrush dipped in mouthwash for oral care on a comatose patient.

Can one marry a comatose patient?

No. The patient is unable to consent to the marriage.

Who is a comatose patient?

Anyone who is in a deep or prolonged state of unconsciousness, usually due to an illness or injury, is considered to be comatose.

Why would a comatose patient regain consciousness after the administration of naloxone?

The comatose patient would regain consciousness after naloxone administration if the patient was comatose in the first place due to an opiate overdose. Naloxone is a competitive antagonist of opioids used to reverse their effect, which includes most notably respiratory depression.

How is deductible met?

When the insured/beneficiary (patient) pays the total deductible amount out of his own pocket. A deductible is the amount for which the patient is financially responsible before an insurance policy provides payment.

What does non voluntary euthanasia mean?

The patient is unable to choose. So the patient could be in a comatose state where they are considering euthanasia and the patient can not choose to live or die

Can a guardian be sued by the patient?


What does deductible and coinsurance mean?

On a health insurance policy, a "deductible" is a specified amount which the insured/beneficiary must pay out of their own pocket, before their insurance will pay any covered medical services. After the deductible amount is met, a "coinsurance" is a percentage amount which the insured/beneficiary is responsible for. For example, if an insurance policy is an "80/20 plan", this means that the insurance company pays 80% of medical services, and the patient (insured) is responsible to pay the remaining 20% (coinsurance).

Define accepting assignment in medical insurance?

The patient or beneficiary of a policy gives authorization of the administrator of the policy to forward payment for a covered procedure or or monies due directly to the treating facility or physician.

How do you get durable power of attorney if the patient is in a coma?

You cannot get a power of attorney from a patient in a coma. In order for a person to make a power of attorney or any legal agreement, the person must be competent to know the nature of what it is he/she is doing and voluntarily choose to do it. A comatose patient has no awareness of the nature of the agreement and cannot take any action to make the power of attorney effective. At that point only a court appointed guardian or conservator, or other similar type of fiduciary, can take over and manage the affairs of the patient.

Do surgeons have to pull the plug on brain dead or comatose Patients along with regular doctors?

Surgeons are "doctors" so... yes. (Assuming the comatose patient is actually on a said machine constantly operated solely for the purpose of maintaining life) <--Which is rare

What does the medical term abn mean regarding patient billing?

ABN stands for advanced beneficiary notice of noncoverage. Medicare patients must be advised ahead of time if their insurance won't be covering a particular test or procedure.

What is the diet for a comatose patient?

I imagine it's a solution given intravenously. Unless I'm mistaken, those in a coma cannot take food by mouth.

If the primary insurance allows more than the secondary insurance what would the secondary insurance pay?

Secondary insurance will not pay the claim but the remaining charges should not be billed to the member/patient. Provider of service should write off the patient responsibility that primary insurance applied.

Who is responsible for paying medical bill's the patient or the person under who's insurance they are covered?


If the patient brings in a private insurance form that is not group insurance where do you send the form after completion?

The Health Insurance Claim Form

Can a comatose patient feel pain?

We assume to day they can hear, see and feel when we take care of them since we don't know. Rarely do they remember when they wake up and if they never wake we wont know. it differs on what injury they have and where on the brain it's located. Sometimes people mistake comatose for being braindead which is not the case.

Can a cerepalsy patient get life insurance?

No. I dont think so

Does a provider have to bill secondary insurance even if the patient prefers to pay out of pocket?

If the provider is out of network or not contracted with the secondary insurance, they do no have to bill the secondary and the patient is responsible for the balance (if any) owing

What is the gastric bypass criteria required by health insurance providers?

It all depends on what kind of insurance you have. Some insurance wants the patient to be over a certain weight or they do not qualify. Some wants the patient to be in extreme need where it might endanger their lives.

What does the term transfer from insurance mean on a medical bill?

While waiting for your insurance to process your claim, it is listed in our billing software as insurance responsibility. Once we have received the payment and/or eob (explanation of benefits) from the insurance, the amount due from the patient is then transferred in our system to the patients responsibility. We are literally transferring the responsible party from the insurance to the patient.

How do you make your guardian blade change into the blade of awe?

you can't make it change in to it, you unlock the blade of awe by collecting pieces by random battles, as long as your a guardian and patient you will get the blade in no time.

Does extraordinary care mean that when caring for a comatose patient one should include CPR and mechanical breathing and chemotherapy and turning and hydration?

CPR and mechanical breathing, chemotherapy, turning and hydration

IF Patient primary insurance denied claim because provider is not contracted with them will secondary insurance pay on the claim?


Will a doctor accept what an insurance would pay if the patient has no insurance?

Some do and some do not. You have to check with each individual doctor.