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Can the male guinea pig die after mating?


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no it will not die i have a male guinea pig he did not die from mating

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If that happens nothing will happen to any of the males.

Guinea pigs are capable of mating at 3 weeks old

A male guinea pig is called the "boar"

when a male guiunea pig makes a vibrating noise to a female guinea pig that means that they are getting to know each other and are happy. a very helpful website that will help you is the! mating may also be another possiblity.

In many animals mating can mean two things:complete mating for breeding purposessymbolic mating(w/o penetration) to show and establish dominanceThe #2 type can occur male-to-male as well as female-to-female and has nothing to do with homosexuality.

He probably isn't "mating" with him. He is showing dominance to the other one. When I put my two male guinea pigs together for the first time S'mores would hump Simba a lot. That's completely normal.

A male Guinea Pig is called a boar.Females are called sows.Boars.The term for a male guinea pig is a boar.

You can put them together during mating season. That's all you can do.

A male guinea pig is referred to as a Boar.

I think a male guinea pig is called a boar. You can message me for any other guinea pig questions!!

Hello, a guinea pig can start mating at the age of 3-4 weeks old, they can even mate with their mother :)

No! It is not possible without a male Guinea Pig.

An Adult Male guinea pig should weigh 850g-1200g

no, if its the father the male usually helps the mother.

They purr and shake their hips. This is the mating dance.

During the mating season they will like each other. Otherwise the female will attack the male.

When male and female guinea pigs feel hormonal, they purr and shake their hips. This is called the mating dance. So I guess, whenever they feel happy and have a friend.

The female guinea pig can mate and become pregnant at 2 months.

the male of course has a dick and the female has a vagina.

A male has a weenie at the the bottom, but the female doesn't.

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