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Yes and No. During the normal course of a pregnacy, No. The mothers and babies blood does not mix or circulate together. The umbilical cord attaches to the placenta. The placenta is the "container" that keeps the baby "isolated" from the mother. The fetal blood flows through the baby, out the umbilical cord to the placenta and no further.

The placental membrane separates maternal blood from fetal blood.

Oxygen and nutrients in the maternal blood in the intervillous spaces diffuse through the walls of the villi and enter the fetal capillaries. (this unfortunately means that bad things like alcohol and drugs diffuse through the membrane, also.)

Carbon dioxide and waste products diffuse from blood in the fetal capillaries through the walls of the villi to the maternal blood in the intervillous spaces.

Just like the walls of your own digestive system, the food you eat does not come into direct contact with your blood, but the nutients get into your blood and are transferred to all parts of your body. Now for the Yes part of the answer. Certain circumstances can cause them to mix, like miscarriage, abortion, and birth. This is when diseases can be transmitted, or problems with blood RH incompatibility can occur, but that's a whole other WikiSubject.

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Q: Can the mother's blood mix with the fetus's blood?
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Can the mothers blood mix with the fetuss blood?

Not under normal conditions

Does babies blood mix with mothers blood?

no because of the placenta

Why fetal blood must not mix with mothers blood?

fetal development

Does the baby and mothers blood actually mix at all?


Can the blood of the mother mix with the blood of the fetus?

No, the mothers and fetus blood supplies do not mix because some babies are born with different blood types to the mothers and mixing the two different blood types could be deadly to the baby.

What happens when the foetus's blood and the mothers blood does not mix?

They do not mix in a normal pregnancy. They exchange elements through the placenta.

Does Mother's blood flows into the foetus through placenta.True or False?

False. The mothers blood flows through the placenta in vessels next to the foetal blood that flows in separate vessels. Oxygen and nutrients can flow from the mothers blood into the foetus' blood and carbon dioxide and waste products can flow from the foetus' blood to the mother's blood through the vessel membranes, however the two bloods will never actually mix.

During birth can a babys blood mix with the mothers?

yes the bloods can mixed that is why if u are a rhesus negative mother with a rhesus positive baby u will need a jab, because the bloods can mix. hope this helps

Does blood and sterile water mix?

Does blood and sterile water mix

What can you mix blood with in Doodle God?

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Does a baby in a mothers womb have her blood or the fathers blood?

The same blood flowing in the body of the mother, flows in the child. So the mothers. As to the bloodtype it will have its own, either the same as one parent or a combination of the two. Mothers with negative blood who have children with positive blood are at greater risk of having a miscarriage. The Mothers blood NEVER comes in direct contact with the developing baby. The mother's blood supplies nutrients to the placenta which transfers nutrients (and oxygen) to the baby's blood.

Can you mix type a- blood with type o plus blood?

Can you mix type a blood with type o+

Can the mother's blood mix with the fetus blood?

No, they come very close but they never mix

Does digested food pass from the mothers blood to the babys blood?

yes it does

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How does the fetus obtain food and oxygen?

the mothers blood supply enters the fetus via the umbilical cord and allows to diffuse from the the mothers blood into the fetus.

Is it true that the mother's blood and the embryo's blood mix freely across the placenta so that the embryo can get nourishment?

The mother's blood and the embryo's blood do not mix freely. The placenta allows for the diffusion of oxygen and nutrients, but does not allow the actual blood to mix.

Why doesn't the mother's blood mix with the fetus's blood?

Because the mother's blood also carries the wastes that comes out of the baby's blood soo if the blood does mix it could hurt the baby.

Does a baby have its mothers blood or its fathers blood?

The baby has its own blood, which genetically is a combination of its mom's and its dad's.

Can a blood test tell you the gender of your baby?

your babies blood can.. not your blood nothing in the mothers blood indicates the child's gender

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If type O and O mix can they have a baby with B

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