Can the ozone layer heal?

The ozone layer is constantly being destroyed and renewed by the Sun. The balance of how much ozone is present, is depressed by contaminants in the vicinity of the "ozone layer". Some of those contaminants are provided by Nature.

Some of them are provided by Man, and Man also consumes some of the oxygen at high altitude which also serves to depress the amount of ozone that can be produced.

If we can control our emissions / actions, the ozone layer will heal.

The primary source of ozone in the ozone layer is the interaction between UV-C radiation from the sun and O2 in the atmosphere. The UV-C radiation splits O2 molecules creating free O atoms. These individual atoms then eventually join other O2 molecules to create O3 (ozone). Since the Sun is always shining, ozone is constantly being produced in the atmosphere.

Radiation from the Sun of UV-B and more energetic light, also serves to break apart ozone. But if more of the ozone has already been decayed by contaminants, then oxygen and nitrogen only stop UV-C. UV-B passes through the balance of the atmosphere, does not make ozone, and can directly attack the DNA of all surface life.

Ozone is being constantly formed in the upper atmosphere by the action of sunlight. The problem is not creating ozone, but rather avoiding its depletion (by chemical reactions with other gases in the atmosphere).

There are many things that can produce Ozone and a depletion in ozone Will have the effect of setting in motion processes that create ozone.

Another answer:

The Montreal Protocol banned the manufacture and use of CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) which were responsible for the destruction of the ozone layer. If we don't start emitting some new ozone-destroying gas, then the ozone layer should have repaired itself by about 2060.