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I'm not sure what state you live in, but I'm pretty sure in most states you "are" a minor and if your sexually active with this man your parents can do alot more then just get a restraining order against him. As your parents, they act in the best interest of the "child". He could even go to jail for statutory rape. Yes * Only in extreme circumstances Restraining orders against individuals regardless of the person's age are only applicable if there is a proven history of physical violence or substantiated threat of such. In some states it is possible for the parents of a minor to obtain a "no contact" order if the court believes such an order is warranted. The co-operation of the minor is not required for a petition to be filed by the parents or guardian. Please be advised, that all such petitions are granted on a temporary basis and once granted there will be a hearing date where all involved parties will be required to appear and state their case, this includes the person named in the temporary order. In most states, yes. There is no judge in any US state that will grant a restraining order against a person based only on the fact that the parents of the minor does not want their child to have contact. There must be documentation of physical violence or a serious threat. The law will not take on the parents' responsibility when there is no physical danger to the minor or the minor's family, that is not a criminal issue it is a civil matter. If the courts intervened everytime a parent objected to their child's choice of friends there would be little time left for other legal issues.

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What to do if your boyfriend wont give you space?

Get a restraining order.

Can a dad get a restraining order against his daughters boyfriend He's trying to get back at her for moving to my moms. Her boyfriend has done NOTHING wrong...?

Techically he can't get a restraining order against the boyfriend because it would probably be against the law.

Can mother get a restraining order on her daughters boyfriend if both the daughter and the boyfriend are eighteen?

Only if the boyfriend is a disturbance to the mother because the daughter and boyfriend are both adults.

Can a parent file a restraining order against their child's boyfriend?


How to get abusive boyfriend out of daughters house?

Call the police and/or get a restraining order.

Will your boyfriend be violating the restraining order because you work at the same place?

Probably yes. _______ The more important question here is why would one still refer to a person with an active restraining order as their boyfriend.

Is your boyfriend stalking you?

If he's stalking you, then he isn't your boyfriend. If it's a problem, tell him to stop. If he refuses, then get a restraining order.

How do I get a restraining order on my ex boyfriend in riverside CA?

You will need to contact the police or the courts to get restraining order against an ex in Riverside, CA.

Is there any way that you can stop your mom from putting a restraining order on your boyfriend if you are a minor if not can the father stop her from getting the restraining order on the boyfriend?

just provide good evidence in court of why he doesnt need it, both you and your dad and the boys family can contest against the restraining order and your mum will be outnumbered :)

If a mother puts a restraining order on her daughters boyfriend and then the father gets custody of the daughter is the restarining order still active on the boyfriend?

Yes. Switching guardians has nothing to do with the restraining order. It will remain there until it is cancelled.

What happens if your boyfriend friend breaks his restraining order?

call the police asap!!!!!!

Can parents legally ban there child from seeing there boyfriend?

yes they can a restraining order

Can you fill a restraining order against your sisters boyfriend for her in ca?

it depends on what the reason is.

Can a 15 year old get a restraining order against their 16 year old boyfriend who abuses them?

Why have someone who abuses you for a boyfriend ? Obviously dump him. Yes if he comes near you and abuses you, you can apply for a restraining order. Ask your parents to help you do this.

Can a mother put a restraining order on her underage daughters boyfriend?

can a mother put a restraing order on her 19 years old daughters boyfriend?

Is it a crime for a wife and her boyfriend attempt to set her husband up for following her to a hotel since he already has a restraining order on him?

Yes, it is a crime for a wife to set her husband up to follow her to a hotel. If she has a restraining order against him, her and her boyfriend could get in trouble for this as well.

Why are you being hunted down by your boyfriend?

Because he's sick. Report him to the police and get a restraining order.

What can you do to get a crazy ex-boyfriend away from you at work?

Ask to be relocated, or file for a restraining order

What are the terms for a restraining order against your daughters 16 year old boyfriend in NC?

you shouldn't have a restraining order on her boyfriend unless she is 13 and under because she will probably do things behind your back but yeah that's about it.... don't be the worst dad/mom on the block...

Your mom is trying to put a restraining order on your boyfriend for no reason is that possible she kicked me out im only 16 and my boyfriend is 18.?

yes, you're underage

You are 18 and your boyfriend is 22 can your parents put a restraining order on your boyfriend?

anyone can put a restraining order on anyone, they could put one on u if they wanted to(but i highly doubt they would) but it could be dangerous, on all murder shows i watch its always the older boyfriend who is mister pushy and older. if he becomes the slightest bit abusive break up and file a restraining order! watch 48 hours cuz its my fave show and all are about the older boyfriend, i would rather u be safe then sorry

Will your boyfriend get into trouble if you visite him when there is a restraining order that's says you cant have any contact with each other?

Yes. The penalties depend on where you live and the circumstances around the issuing of the restraining order.

Can your ex boyfriend get a restraining order to keep you from calling your son?

Yes, but you can take him to court and fight for custody.

Your boyfriend is 17 and you are 16 and live in Florida can your mom put a restraining order on him if there is no violence or threat?


Can your parents put a restraining order against your boyfriend?

You need a legal cause to obtain a restraining order. If the boy has been violent or threatened violence, or if it is a case where you are underage and he is an adult, so sex would be rape, that would give them cause to obtain a restraining order. They cannot simply take out a restraining order without cause.

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