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Absolutely! You are more likely to be home, so there is a higher chance they will connect with you and the vehicle in question.

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When repo man hits another car when repossesion a vehicle?

when repo man repossess the car and was in an accident before you can get it back, what happens

Can a repo man repo a car from a public storage facility?

Absolutely ! So long as he has the correct paperwork - he can repossess the vehicle from anywhere.

Can just anyone come and repossess your vehicle or does it have to be a professional repo man?

In MOST states, the answer is YES. A few states require a liscense.

What do you do when repo man is here?

You give the repo man the keys to the vehicle and let him take the vehicle.

Does the repo guy have to let you know when he is here when he is taking your vehicle?

The "repo" man does not have to inform you if he is at your residence to repossess your vehicle. Once the vehicle has been repossessed he must call it in to either the local police department or Sheriff department. This will prevent any false stolen car reports. Also, the "repo" man does not have the authority to go into your garage or involve the police in the act of repossessing your vehicle. So, if for some reason the "repo" man does get into contact with you and threatens you by saying that he has called the police, he is lying. Bottom line, just pay your bills and you won't have to worry about the "repo" man.

Can a repo man come into your garage to repossess a car?

yes if it is open

Can a repo man break an automatic garage door opener to repossess a car?


What is the repo man not allowed to do?

He's not allowed to repossess your baby. Note: Child welfare service workers are not repo men; they CAN take your baby.

When a repo takes place can the bank repossess your car and take any other assets you have?

A repo man is hired by the bank to collect an asset a loan is secured by. It is the only thing that they are allowed to touch, also anything that belongs to you inside the vehicle is still yours and you are entitled to it. Anything that you have installed on the vehicle however does not.

In Texas law can a repo man place felony charges?

Who or what do you mean by "the repo man?" If it is the lender you are referring to, yes, they can. If they are attempting to repossess the vehicle because of your non-payment on the installment contract, AND you are concealing, or keeping them from recovering their property, they could charge you with Grand Larceny for intentionally depriving them of their property. On the other hand, if by "repo man" you mean the agent who is actually driving the tow truck, no, they could not - UNLESS that person also happens to be the lender/owner of the vehicle.

Can a repo man ram your vehicle and chase you to try to repo the vehicle while you re in it?

not legally their suppose to have police with them to repo a vehicle but they do stuff like that alot of times * No, repossession agents are not accompanied by authorities unless they have a relevin order or other instrument issued by a court of jurisdiction. The repo agent has committed a crime (actually several) and should be reported to the authorities immediately. The agent can also be held liable for any damages incurred by the driver of the car, regardless of the fact that an attempt to repossess the vehicle was in progress.

Can you hide your car from the repo man?

He will report it as a stolen vehicle.

Does repo man leave a note saying they took your vehicle?


Repo man if the vehicle is chained to another object or vehicle what do you do?

Get a court order to cut the chain and sieze the vehicle.

Can a repo man take your vehicle without being served?


Does the bank have to provide notification of a vehicle repossession?

No. And neither does the repo man!

Can a repo company take your car from behind a locked gate in California?

No one has the right to enter your property to repo a vehicle. I your vehicle is out in the street, then its fair game. If you see the repo man coming but has not hooked up to your vehicle, you legally still have possession of the vehicle. Once the vehicle has made contact with the truck the vehicle belongs to him.

Can a repo man enter a vehicle before verifying the vin?

No. because not verifying the vin could lead to a misrepo of another vehicle for which the repo company would be sued.

Can a repo man move other cars parked around it the repo car to get it?

No. A repo agent is only permitted to move and enter the vehicle which they have an order for repossession on.

Can a repo man repossess a car on private property behind a locked fence?

This depends upon the local jurisdiction and the laws pertaining to this activity. The legal authority given to a repo man may well nullify normal civil protection.

Can vehicle registration be denied if you are behind on payments?

The repo man will tell you that, but no it is not true.

Can a Repo man take a car if you own it?

A repo worker does not normally pick up a vehicle unless he has an order from the lien holder (usually the creditor who financed the vehicle). If you own your vehicle outright with no liens against it, the repo person probably picked it up by mistake.

Is it legal to take your car back from title loan company after repo?

You're talking about trying to repossess it from the repossessor? Short answer, no. You're committing theft - possibly grand theft, depending on the vehicle's value. But the repo agent coming to repossess your car isn't commiting theft. Double standard? No. The thing of it is, it is NOT your car - the lienholder is the sole rightful and legitimate owner of the vehicle. The repo man isn't taking your car away - he's reclaiming the lienholder's property after you failed to meet the terms of the finance arrangement.

Does a repo man have the authority to trespass on private property that is clearly marked no trespassing to repossess someone else's car?

yes as long as there are no locked gates

Can a repo man tell your neighbors?

Yes, a repo can man can speak to neighbors about you. They can't give out any private information about you, but can ask if you are home and tell them they are there to pick up a vehicle.

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