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A plant's stem is more like a one-way street, as the sap is lifted upwards from the roots.

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Q: Can the stem of a plant be compared with two way traffic on street?
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Is tapioca a woody stem plant or a soft stem plant?

it is a woody stem plant

What is the function of a plant's stem?

The plant stem has two functions. The plant stem supports the leaves and flowers. The plant stem also transports water and food to the plant.

Is stem a shoot of a plant?

Yes, the shoot is a stem of a plant.

Is plant stem consider an organ?

yes the plant stem is considered an organ of the plant.

What does a the stem of a plant?


What kind of stem does a strawberry plant have?

A strawberry plant has a stem that is called a crown stem. The strawberry's stem is short and very wide.

Is the plant stem considered an organ?

yes the plant stem is considered an organ of the plant.

Why does the balsam plant have a soft stem?

The balsam plant has a soft stem because the stem is filled with water. The water in the stem keeps the plant upright. When there is little water in the plant the stem bends towards the ground.

What part of a plant keeps the plant stiff?

stem the stem sticks straight.

Is yam a vine?

No but its mostly a stem. The Yam plant has leaves and roots but the food is the stem of the plant. If you are talking about the food, yes but if you are talking about the plant, no.

How does the stem cell help the plant?

The cell in the plant stem helps the plant by transporting water and materials throughout the plant.

What is a word for the stem of the plant?

a stem of course