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No. The issue is a minor one and if all the other information is correct, the name of the driver, plate number etc. the ticket is valid.

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Q: Can the ticket be dismissed if the wrong state is written down for the license plate as it is a Florida plate but the officer wrote down Minnesota?
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Would a speeding ticket in virgina add points to my Florida drivers license?

Yes, unless you gave the officer a Virginia license. If you showed him a Florida license, points will be added to you in florida.

Does an off duty police officer who was arrested for DWI get dismissed from the force?

There is a slight chance the officer could keep their job, but they really shouldn't be able to keep their job or license.

Does the Florida DMV have reciprocity with Indiana DMV?

No according to a police officer that pulled me over in Indianapolis and looked at my Florida license

If an officer does not put a charge on the citation can it be dismissed in court?

it can be discharged

If you have a bench warrant in Minnesota for shoplifting misdemeanor what will happen if you get pulled over in Florida?

Minnesota is soo in the Red - financially, nothing will happen to you. as a matter of fact, the Florida officer won't even know of a misdemeanor warrant for you... only felony warrants are national... have fun

How do you become a police officer in Minnesota?

You have to attend a 2 or 4 year program at a school in Minnesota POST Board approves. The MN POST Board is the agency that gives you a license to be a law enforcement officer in Minnesota. After graduation you take the state POST exam, and if you pass you can apply with departments. See related links for complete information.

What happens if you go to court for traffic tickect and your issuing officer is not there?

If the officer does not appear when required, the citation is usually dismissed. But the officer is not always required.

Do you need a license to become a police officer?

Yes, You Do Need A License To Become A Police Officer. Your Welcome :)

If a police officer runs your license plates will it show if you have a license?

No. Not by only running the license plate. However, the registerd owner(s) will be on the return the Officer gets. The Officer can then use that information to check for a license on the person listed on the return.

Officer wrote that your car was green on the ticket but its black and on the regristration it says black can this be dismissed?

The important question is whether the incident documented by the police officer actually happened. If it happened, and the officer merely made a mistake on the color of the car, you cannot get the ticket dismissed.

What happens when a police officer fails to show up for court?

The charges are dismissed.

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