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Undertaker will defeat John Cena.he will own john cena

undertaker would kill cena if they ever met in the ring together

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John Cena have never beat The Undertaker

Yes when undertaker was big evil John cena aa him and cena won the match in 2003

"Of course the undertaker is stronger than john cena the undertaker has beat john cena is a one on one match,but john cena has never beating the Undertaker so Undertaker is stronger." Although, counting how many times they work out and how big they are, (in muscle) 'Cena has to be much stronger than the undertaker.

john cena will beat the Undertaker Wrestlemania in a i quit match coz john cena nevre gives up but so dos the undertaker i reckon it would be a great match john cena will win and it will be 21.1

No, John cena has never defeated the undertaker but they have faced off like 3 times

when john cena was champion

undertaker will pluck him limb from limb like he cooks chicken

no cena cant. WWE is fake so they can tell undertaker to lose. but if it was real, like wwf, undertaker would win. undertaker is 6'10 but cena is only 6'1 which is my height

john cena has popularity but he is strong too.undertaker is strong than john cena but however he doesnt have stamina.john cena has stamina and balence and 90 percent of attcking and john cena won

John cena is like 32 or something and undertaker is 45

Yes I think he can but this will be very hard for him to beat undertaker

Hard to choice but as in skills Undertaker

The Undertaker beat Triple H The Miz beat John Cena Cody Rhodes beat Rey Mysterio

I recall cena beating the undertaker in 2003 in a smackdown tournament which resulted in wwe championship match against brock lesnar

yes john cena is stronger then undertaker because he defeated him in 2009 royal rumble. And the had a match see who got the wwe chapion and john cena one it.

yes because he defeated john cena,undertaker and triple h yeah he totally is once you beat the best you r the best!!!!!! And batista beat the best in the buissness today. Like john cena,triple h,undertaker,shawn micheals, and edge.

John cena beat Randy OrtonUndertaker beat CM Punk, Batista and Rey MisterioTeam smackdown beat team rawThe Miz beat John Morrison

(2011) The strongest man in wwe is the undertaker and john cena in smackdown it's the undertaker and on raw it's john cena.

he defeated undertaker in tlc once in 2000

Surely you would say Undertaker, but considering how much they work out and how big they are, (in muscle) John Cena would be much stronger.

No John Cena already beat The Rock at Wrestlemania and John Cena is the new WWE Champion