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The speed can be constant but the velocity can't, because the direction

of motion ... which is a component of velocity ... is changing. Also the velocity of a moving body changes when its speed changes but remains moving towards the same direction ... :) :]

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What must be held constant among bonds whose interest rates are shown on a yield curve?

What must be held constant among the bonds whose interest rates are shown on yield curve

Are the number of suppliers held constant along the market supply curve?

No, the market supply curve states that amount of goods that will be supplied within an economy at a given price.

Is income held constant along the demand curve?

Yes, an increase or decrease in income will cause a shift in the demand curve right or left depending on if the good is inferior, normal, or superior

Name the quantity that essentially changes when a body moves?

A moving body can be broken into the factors of mass and velocity. Momentum is the quantity that changes as velocity increases or decreases, assuming mass is held constant.

How does increasing mass effect kinetic energy?

Kinetic energy equals .5(mass)(velocity)^2. This means that as mass increases, kinetic energy increases proportionately as long as velocity is held constant.

What are three ways the velocity of a car can change?

The variably of velocity can be increased or decreased by altering other factors. The removal or reduction of air resistance can result in higher velocity (if force is held constant). If force is increased velocity can also become higher. Reduction of mass and varying gear ratios can also correspond to higher velocity.

Why is the curve in the Huang river is important?

because a lot of farming is held in the huangs curve

In boyle's law which is held constant?

In case of BOYLE'S law,temperature is held constant! thank you!!

Why are most factors held constant in scientific experiment?

the factors are held constant to get precise result's.

If the object's mass decreases the momentum will?

Decrease, if its velocity is held constant. Because p = mv, a smaller m results in a smaller p if v is the same. decrease

How can an object accelerate without changing its speed?

For a uniform circular motion speed is held constant,but there is always a change in the velocity of the rotating body and hence there is a net acceleration

When quantity demand is changing what variables are held constant?

non price determinants of demand are held constant

What does held constant mean?

When something is held constant it means that some variable is kept the same on every trial.

When area reduces velocity increases or decreases?

If you're talking about something like gasses, and by area you mean volume, and all other factors are held constant, then the pressure increases.... the velocity either increases or doesn't change, it certianly doesn't decrease.

Why is there a constant temperature plateau in the cooling curve?

It takes energy to re-do the electro-static forces that hold the molecules together once all the molecules are held together then the substance can cool furthur

If the temperature is held constant what happens to the pressure of the gas?

If the temperature is held constant the pressure of a gas will increase if the volume decreases.

What variable is held constant in Boyle's law?

Only the temperature must be constant.

What two properties of a gas are directly related if the volume is held constant?

if the volume of a gas is held constant , its pressure and temperature are directly related

What two variables are held constant Boyle's law?

Only the temperature must be constant.

What is an example of ceteris paribus in economics?

Prices of substitute and complement goods are held constant in the demand curve for a good. As well as Interest rates, savings, people's preferences, and people's knowledge about everything but one change in a good.

Difference between FM and AM?

FM is frequency modulation. The amplitude is held constant and the carrier frequency is varied. AM is amplitude modulation. The amplitude is varied and the carrier frequency is held constant.

According to Charles's law for a fixed quantity of gas at constant pressure which of the given quantities is constant?

In Charles' Law, the mass is held constant which means that the pressure on the gas is constant.

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