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Can there be a Wolf human baby?

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It does noes not exist.

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Is Bella's baby half vimpire and half wolf and half human in braking dawn?

No, the baby is half vampire and human. Jacob just imprints the baby.

IS it possible for a baby to be conceived if one parent is human and one parent is wolf?


What is the wolf baby called?

Baby wolves are called both wolf cubs and wolf pups

What is a baby wolf called?

A baby wolf is either called a wolf cub or a wolf pup

Do wolves eat human babies?

If there was a human baby laying on the ground and the wolf was very hungry then it might just possibly eat the baby :(

What is a wolf puppy called?

A baby wolf is called either a wolf cub or a wolf pup

What do you call a baby wolf?

a baby wolf is commonly referred as a pup

What is a baby gray wolf?

a baby gray wolf is called a pup

What is the name of baby wolves?

The name we call baby wolves is either wolf pups of wolf cubs

What is the proper word for baby wolf?

The proper word for baby wolf is a cub.

Do werewolves mate in human form or wolf form?

human and wolf

How big is a baby wolf when it is born?

the size of a baby wolf is 5 to 7 inches

Can renesmee and Jacob have a baby together?

Yes, but the child will be part werewolf, vampire and human. This is because Jacobs a were wolf and Nessie is a half vampire half human.

Is a baby moose and a baby wolf both called a whelp?

Don't know about the wolf, but a baby moose is called a calf.

What is a monster that changes from human to wolf?

a where wolf

What is the nature of a wolf?

What do the wolf and human have in common

Can a human live with a wolf?

it depends on the wolf

Why do wolves raise a human baby?

This is far-fetched. It's much more likely that a wolf would eat a baby. Almost all the claims of feral children being raised by wolves are hoaxes. I suppose a mammal having lost its own baby might raise a baby of another mammal species. This has been known to happen. But the incompatibilities of a human baby and a wolf mother are just too great. The baby would be eaten by the wolves in the pack.

How old is a wolf in human years?

7 wolf years = 1 human year

How does a werewolf stand?

In wolf form: Like a wolf does. In human form: Like a human does.

How do you grow wolf teeth?

You can't, you are human and not a wolf.

How A werewolf moves like?

A werewolf moves (depending on if it's more wolf than human or more human than wolf) if it's more human than wolf it moves more like a gorilla with paws. If it's more wolf than human then it moves smoother, like a wolf or a horse.

How does a baby wolf look?

If you have ever seen a baby husky or a husky in fact that is what a baby wolf looks like just with more prominent features.

Are human incisors more like a wolf or a rabbit?

Yes, Human incisors are more like wolf

What are wolf enemies?

Wolf has no natural enemies, except for human.