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Q: Can there be more than one nether fortress in the nether?
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How do you find a nether fortress in Minecraft?

first you will need to obsidian in a reveane or somewhere where lava and water crashes together. I suggest you should mine it with a diamond or netherite pickaxe. Collect enough to make the portal. Light it up with flint and steel or fire charge. Go in side of the portal. Once you get to the other side of the portal, crack a netherract block. Do you see a letter Y when you are cracking the netherract block? Head in the direction the letter Y is pointing and you may find the Minecraft Nether Fortress

How do you relieve a blaze rod in minecraft?

You have to go in the Nether and find a nether fortress, the Blaze mob is the one that drops blaze rods. They can spawn in the fortress without a spawner but they are very common when you are near one. You can make a roof over the blaze spawner so they are trapped because the way they move around is flying and hovering. Its better to kill a blaze using that method with a sword than it is to use a bow on a blaze out in the open. Blaze rods can be used to make Brewing Stands and Blaze Powder.

Are there nether fortresses on Minecraft Xbox?

Not yet. The version on the Xbox is lower than the one on the computer. The Xbox version is at Beta 1.7.3, and Nether Fortresses aren't in that version.

How do you connect portals in minecraft on the surface without going to the nether?

You have to go to the nether. When people talk about connecting two places on the overworld with portals, they mean you enter the nether through one portal, and exit through the other, but the distance you travelled through the nether is much shorter than if you tried to walk from one of the overworld portals to the other.

What is more rare a boy cat or a girl cat?

Nether one is actually rare.

Is one a composite and prime number?

it is nether. a composite # has 3 or more factors. a prim #has only 2 factors. the only factor for 1 is 1 so it is classified as nether.

How do you build more than one dispenser on team fortress two?

On a normal server, you can't but there are modded servers that by binding a key you can build multiple things

How do you make an ender portal on minecraft pe?

For The Big One 4 On The Bottom 3 more going up on each side, and 3 in between those side ones, and the smaller one is 2 on the bottom, 3 more going up each side, don't include that one that comes after the two, and then two on the top

IS THERE any easy way to find nether fortesses in minecraft?

Yes, there is. You just need to explore the nether, and you will eventually find one.

Is there a way you can go to the nether in minecraft pe?

Yes and no. Yes, you can go to a poor excuse for the nether and no you cant go to the real nether. The poor excuse is the nether reactor. It basically puts netherrack around you and spawns LOTS of free items -__- Just break one block of the netherrack and you are outside in the same world. Pathetic i know. Hopefully they add the real nether

How does a fortress represent self defense rather than aggression?

your not actually atacking some one. unles you build it aggresively?

Which Giratina is more popular?

Nether, it depends on which you like, i personally like the origin(platinum) version but someone else might like the D/P one.