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This sounds like pica - you should talk to your doctor about odd cravings. No chalk is not flavored.

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2011-04-13 00:57:18
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Q: Can thyroid patients eat chalk Is it favoured?
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What you should not eat during thyroid problem?

Excessive iodine is contraindicated in patients with thyroid dysfunction.

What should thyroid patients eat?

As advised by a medical professional not by an anonymous person on a website.

What foods to eat for hyperthyroidism?

Patients with hyperthyroid conditions are often encouraged to eat goitrogenic foods such as broccoli. For appropriate diagnosis and treatment of thyroid dysfunction, please seek the help of a board certified endocrinologist who specializes in thyroid problems.

What is the diet taken by high thyroid patients?

Hyperthyroid patients are usually encouraged to avoid foods high in iodine. They are encouraged to keep their iodine levels to the recommended daily amount, and to eat goitrogenic foods which keep iodine from being turned into thyroid hormone.

What must a person with hyperthyrodism not eat?

Hyperthyroid patients are frequently encouraged to minimize their consumption of iodine, which acts as fuel for the overactive thyroid.

Can you eat chalk while breastfeeding?

why the heck would you wat to eat chalk.

What happen if you eat chalk?

if you eat chalk then you would have some digestive problems, and your crazy!

Why cant snails live without chalk?

They eat chalk.

Can you eat crushed up chalk?

Chalk will give you a headache and fever

Can you eat chalk?

Yes, some people do eat chalk, especially if they have calcium deficiencies. If you are craving chalk, you might have pica disorder, a calcium deficiency, or other issues, so please see a doctor immediately.

Does white stool mean cancer?

It means you have eaten chalk. Do not eat chalk.

Why do some people like to eat chalk?

Some people like to eat chalk because they think it taste good.

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