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Too much sugar is going to make you sick PERIOD. Just ask kids at Halloween time. Are you sure it wasnt the alcohol making you sicker!!??


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The Disadvantages of Trinidad Carnival Are: Too Much of loud music,people drinking too much of alcohal and doing crime after Carnival

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It depends on how much you consume. Soda has sugar in it, and if you do not burn more calories than you are taking in, you will gain weight. Diet soda has no sugar or calories, so you will not gain weight solely from drinking it.

density of the alcohal depends on how much the vinegar is present on the alcohal solution

Lemonade has a lot of sugar in it. Drinking it everyday is putting that much sugar into your system. If you do not exercise everyday, that energy produced by the sugar can be stored in fat cells.

Eating or drinking to much of most anything can make you fat.

Although in todays lifestyle soda is considered normal, its full of sugar, its pretty much a can of water, sugar, and food coloring. Sugar rots you teeth and drinking too much sugar can make you sick (PLUS) if your hot soda actually is desined to make you want more, so it wont help with that either. Duckweed~

Yes only if you put too much sugar in it...

None. The caffeine and sugar will make females more active but there are no side effects as such. Drinking too much is still inadvisable.

Yes! Too much sugar can also make your face break out.

because they crave the sugar that was in the alcohol

Yes you can. Drinking punch while you are pregnant is okay, but drinking too much of it is not healthy for your baby because of the sugar.

Sugar can make a dog overwieght if its given too much sugar, just like if a human eats too much sugar. Dogs having too much sugar can also increase their blood sugar too and unsafe amount.

For starters you should not be drinking alcohol when you have a kidney infection, it will only make it much much worse, nor should you drink coffee - only lots of water! It may alter the results, it is best to tell your doctor when you go for the test.

depending if you have Diabetes or not, it shouldn't effect it that much,even if you do have sensitivities to sugar. If your blood sugar is going to high, try drinking allot of water and exercising. Sounds crazy, yeah, but it works.

1000,000,000.999L enough to make you love and crave sugar 1000,000,000.999L enough to make you love and crave sugar

Gatorade is just a sugar drink. No more no less. It would affect you just as much as if you were to drink soda or sugar water. They both contain the same ingredients (Sugar and Water). So if you were to look up the effects of drinking soda or sugar water for long periods of time, surely the same can be applied to drinking gatorade.

since it's mainly sugar water, an unhealthy amount.

Water is the original diet drink: no calories, no sugar, no trans fat. Simply do the math for yourself.

how much sugar used to make one kilograme caramel color after caramelization process.

yes it can,it can even kill if if you have to much if you dont workout and you are drinking it it can do very bad things because of how much sugar is in if you like drink fizzy drinks then just drink diet cola to be on the safe side.

Too much oils (of an unhealthy kind) and too much sugar.

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