Turtles and Tortoises

Can turtles swim fast?

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20 miles per minute

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How fast can loggerhead sea turtles swim?

they swim very fast i dont know how fast

Why do turtles move very slow but swim really fast?

they swim fast because that's how they are!

How fast do painted turtles swim?


How fast do snapping turtles swim?

15 mph

How fast can loggerhead turtles swim?

200miles an hour

Are turtles fast swimmers?

Some turtles are indeed fast swimmers. These turtles will often swim in rivers, lakes, ponds, oceans, and seas for example.

How fast do sea turtles swim?

they swim up to 30 miles per hour

How fast do turtles swim?

i would say 15 to 20 miles.

How do sea turtles behave?

calmly, but they might swim away if chased, when chased, they can swim VERY fast.

Why do turtle like to swim?

turtles like to swim beause they know that thay swim fast in water & walk slow on land

How do turtles catch their prey?

sea trutles swim really fast so its not that hard for them. sea trutles swim really fast so its not that hard for them.

Do sea turtles swim fast?

yes they do they i have been studying them for most of my life and they can swim faster then most fish can they might not be fast on land but they are fast little boogers in water

How fast is a turtle?

turtles on land are slow but in water they are faster than you can swim!

How do sea turtles find their food?

they swim very fast up to their prey

Are turtles fast underwater?

Turtles are much faster in water than on Land. They can usually swim faster than a human.

Can turtles swim?

Yes, turtles can swim. Sea Turtles live underwater and have flippers so they can swim. Other turtles would go in the water, but they won't be able to swim as good as Sea Turtles

How so loggerhead turtles hunt for tuere food?

They swim very fast to their prey

Can regular turtles swim?

I am pretty sure ALL turtles can swim.

Are fast do turtles at swimming?

your an idiot! you should know that all turtle's do NOT swim the same speed!

Do sea turtles move slow ar fast?

Turtles are stereotyped as moving slow, but it really depends on the circumstance. They are capable of short bursts of speed on land, and in water they can swim very fast.

How fast does a green turtle swim?

Should be about 10x faster than the turtles like Red eared sliders as green turtles are built purely for water. And if you've seen them swim you'll know how fast that would be. Sorry I cannot give exact numbers.

How do turtles swim?

They swim with their flippers.

How fast can a giant tortoise swim?

zero, a tortoise cant swim, because its a TORTOISE not a turtle, tortoise are land species and turtles are water species

Can marine turtles swim?

Of course they can swim, that's why they are marine turtles, you know mariners.

Can all turtles swim?

yes box turtles do swim but they can drown if they stay in water to long

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