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Yes<because they are a protective, strong breed.

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Q: Can two Cane Corsos overpower a Wolf?
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What is the meaning of two ball cane?

The two-ball cane is a tie ornament worn by many Freemasons, showing insignia of two balls and a cane.

Can a cane corso beat a pit bull in a fight?

As history teaches the APBT was bred just for the purpose of fighting and is considered the apex fighting breed. The Cane Corso is more of a guard dog. If it came down to a fight between the two, if the game-bred APBT could survive the first ten minutes of the more powerful Corso, it would most definitely win as they're bred to fight for hours on end while the Corso would inevitably give out fairly quickly due to its heavy body and lack of tenacity when compared to the smaller terrier. I would give the APBT a 75% chance at being the victor. No I'm not in to dog fighting but am familiar with both breeds.

What does the Masonic symbol Two ball cane represent?

look up Tubal-Cain. two ball cane is a play on these words. masonic password.

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What is the Masonic Two Ball Cane?

The Two Balls and a Cane alludes to Masonic degree work acknowledging a craftsman who excelled in cunning smith work by fire; also known to the Romans as Vulcan, hence vulcanization.SA, PM Union Lodge, Denver

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no, its two words

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