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if the girls vagnia is big anough

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How many penises did a man in history have most?

one time a guy had surgery to have two penises, but only won worked

If you had two penises would you have one or two sets of testicles?

you would have three testicles in one scrotum.

Why do mail nurse sharks have two penises?

One for home and one for when they are delivering mail.

Why do snakes have two penises?

They only use one for mating. The other is for fun.

How is double penetration done?

It's usually done by two penises. One inside the vagina and the other one in the anus at the same time. It's also done by some other methods. 1. Double vaginal means two penises in the vagina. 2. Double anal means two penises in the anus. They also refer it to as double stuffing.

Do iguanas have two penises?

Doctors have studied this for many years and have come up with an answer. Iguana's actually 3 penises and one is actually the size of an average mans penis.

Is there a real man with two penises?

Yes, there is a condition where a baby is born with two penises, but it is very rare, and they are usually sterile as adults.

Is there any man with two penises?

Yes, there is a condition where a baby will be born with two penises, but it is very rare and they are usually sterile as adults.

Can a guy have two penises?

Yes, it is possible i mean if some tranny chick can have a penis and a vagina a guy can definitely have two penises.

A man who has two penises?

Sounds very unlikely. Every man I know has only one.

How many penises do koalas have?

Just one. The male has a "bifurcated" or two-pronged penis to accommodate the females' two vaginas.

Why do some men have two penises?

Im no doctor, but I'm pretty sure that no man has more than one penis. Some men actually do have two penises. As to how, I don't know. I'm actually trying to find out myself.

Why do male rabbits have two penises?

Male rabbits only have one penis.

Do lizards have two penises?

no in accual fact they have 84

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