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Q: Can two people play Battlefield 1943 on the same 360?
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How many people can play Battlefield 3 online on the same xbox?

one player per console.

Can 2 players play online from the same xbox 360 in battlefield 3?


Can you play co-op campaign on battlefield 3?

You can play online campaign with someone but not on the same pc, ps3, or xbox 360.

Can you have 2 people playing Battlefield Bad company multiplayer on the same Xbox 360?


Are Moar Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 3 the same thing?


What role did george marshall play during World War 2?

Marshall was Army Chief of Staff, and organized and directed thru appointment of battlefield commanders the war in Europe and the Pacific. He directed all training in the same way. He was not a battlefield commander.

Can 7 people play on the same Playstation 3?

yes 7 people can play at the same time on certain games

Can you turn off cussing in Battlefield Bad Company 2?

My dad said the same thing when I got battlefield 4,battlefield 3, battlefield 2 cause I was only seven years-old

Why do people play netball?

Same reason people play ANYTHING - because they enjoy it.

How many people can play the Wii?

Four people can play the wii at the same time.

Is Battlefield 2 the same as bad company 2?

No the Bad Company series is a spin off the the original Battlefield series.

What games do Vietnamese play?

Vietnamese people play the same games as anyone would. We are people too..

How do you get nemesis on battlefield 3?

to get the nemesis bonus on battlefield 3 you need to kill the same player 5 times in one round

How can two people play midnight club la on the same console?

You can't play with each other on. The same console

How many people can play the nazi zombies?

Up to four people can play online or offline at the same time

How do you play bakugan with 3 people?

you play the same as you would with 2 players.

How many people can play Battlefield 3?

Battlefield 3 has a single-player campaign, co-operative online multi-player and competitive online multi-player.The single-player campaign is limited to one player, the co-operative mode is exactly two players and online multiplayer can have up to 24 players (console) or up to 64 players (PC) on the same server.

Can 2 people play as giga bowser at the same time in ssbm with the ar?

you can play as giga bowser with the action replay and yes 2 people can playat the same time

Can two people play on the same Xbox LIVE profile at the same time?


Can two people play grand theft auto 4 on the same xbox 360?

no but you can play online with other people

Can you play Nazi zombies with 4 people on the same system and why?

Yes you can play Nazi zombies with 4 people on the same system so you don't have to struggle asking Friends online.

How can two people play halo wars on the same xbox 360?

You cannot play it on the same Xbox 360. You need to play it thorough Xbox Live on separate systems.

How do you play against people on counter strike 1.6 on WiFi?

same as you play against people when you are wired connection you just go to multiplayer and select a server to play on.

How many people play volleyball?

alot of people play it after all its the 2nd most famous sport ever - there are 6 people on the court at the same time.

Can 2 people go on moshi monsters on the same computer?

Two people can use the same computer to play Moshi Monsters, however, not at the same time.